School Board Appreciation

The Burlington-Edison School District joins other Washington school districts in honoring our local school board directors during Washington’s annual School Board Appreciation Month in January. This month is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the school board’s work on behalf of our students, staff and community.

The school board bears the responsibility of setting the vision and direction for the present and the future. Each member of the board is vital for our district’s success. The school board is also a strong advocate for education and is responsible for communicating the needs of the school district and representing those they serve. Our school board directors are responsible for many areas such as defining and adopting school district policy, approving the district’s budget, approving curriculum, and adhering to required state and federal education laws. They serve countless hours preparing and making decisions; decisions that can be challenging and that require extensive learning and thought.

Our deepest appreciation is extended to our dedicated directors: Troy Wright, board chair; Holly Nielsen, vice chair; Roger Howard, director; David Lowell, director; and Rich Wesen director. We deeply appreciate their public service and commitment to our students, staff and community.