West View School Supply Plan

Dear Families, 

At West View, we do not ask students to bring any school supplies other than a backpack. Instead, you will be asked to make a suggested donation of $30 per child to help cover the cost of supplies. If you are unable to give the full $30, you are invited to give what you can. If you are able to give more than $30, your donation will help support another West View student. All of the school supply money collected will be donated through the West View PTA. 

Our hope is that our school supply plan will do the following:

  • Reduce stress on families

  • Provide cost savings:Through our district pricing, we are able to purchase school supplies for significantly less than they cost at retail stores. 

  • Teachers will be able to put resources towards the supplies most needed in his/her classroom. 

  • Every student will arrive feeling excited about school with no student feeling embarrassed because of a lack of supplies. 

We have had excellent feedback and participation from families in past years, and are excited to continue this school supply plan for the 2022-2023 school year. When school starts in the fall, you can send in your school supply donation to your child’s teacher. All checks can be made out to the West View PTA. Thank you, as always, for all you do to partner with West View in the education of your child. 

Yellow bus with back to school on it.