Washington LEA Academic and Student Well-being

As required by the Legislature in House Bill 1368, each Washington public school district, state-tribal education compact school, and charter school must submit an academic and student well-being recovery plan to the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) no later than June 1, 2021.

A follow-up survey to determine LEA progress will be sent in Fall 2021. The recovery plan is intended to provide information on how LEAs plan to address student needs due to school closures and extended time in remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

LEAs are required to receive school board approval of their updated plan.

LEAs must use the Academic and Student Well-being Template to file their plan with OSPI no later than June 1, 2021. Plans submitted via email or methods outside of the survey link will not be accepted.

LEAs will receive a copy of their responses to the email they include in the plan. Please double-check to confirm you’ve submitted the correct email address.

If edits are required, LEAs should use the edit link provided in their submission confirmation.

All questions regarding LEA Academic and Student Well-being Recovery Plan should be sent to RecoveryPlan@k12.wa.us