2023-24 School District Budget Outlook

Burlington-Edison School District is engaged in proactive budget planning work in light of declining revenues and decreased enrollment in recent years.

Since a high point in the 2014-2015 school year, the district student enrollment has decreased by over to 400 students due limited housing availability, recent impacts COVID and other factors. Declining enrollment is generally anticipated in our near future, due to low birth rates and continued limited housing affordability. School districts both nearby and across the country have seen similar enrollment declines.

Along with a drop in enrollment, the District has experienced declining regionalization revenue from the State at a time when costs have increased. Ultimately, with declining resources we must adjust our budget to live within our means.

For the 2023-24 budget year, based on very early indicators of what our resources and expenses may be, the district faces a significant difference between the estimated available revenue and expenditures. Cost saving measures will be necessary to balance the budget.

To address the shortfall, the District is making both short- and long-term plans to rebalance revenue and expenditures and enter the next school year as financially stable as possible. In addition, the district has assembled a Budget Committee to develop recommended budget priorities, adjustments, and reductions that will be shared with the School Board. 

“When we are making these challenging decisions, it is important that we keep students at the center of our discussions,” said Superintendent Laurel Browning. “We are committed to open communication and active community engagement to ensure that students have what they need to be successful and thrive. Together, we will remain dedicated to achieving our mission: Educating each student for lifelong success.

Budget Adoption Documents

Budget Timeline