2023-2024 BOARD GOALS AND BENCHMARK MEASUREMENTS OF SUCCESS The B-ESD’s mission is to educate each student for lifelong success. Cultural Responsiveness The Board promotes equity, access and transformational learning opportunities for each student. The Board is committed to developing a culturally responsive workforce representative of Burlington-Edison students and the broader community. ● Recruit, support, and retain staff members that reflect and represent the Burlington-Edison community. ● Engage in professional learning through WSSDA to deepen understanding of culturally-responsive classrooms and environments. Quality Instruction The Board maintains its strong commitment that Burlington-Edison students exceed Washington State average performance on assessment measures and that the system can deliver quality instruction for each student. ● Review student progress towards meeting goals outlined on the District’s Strategic Road Map and individual school improvement plans. ● Increase on-time and extended graduation rates and the number of students who are eligible to enroll in post-secondary education as outlined on the Strategic Road Map. ● Increase access to digital resources. ● Review West View Elementary’s grade level configuration including staffing and transitions. Social Emotional Growth The Board maintains its strong commitment to supporting social-emotional well-being for each student. The district emphasizes social-emotional growth, focusing on hope, positive relationships and students’ self-esteem. ● Support professional learning opportunities for B-ESD staff focused on understanding and responding to the social emotional needs of our community. ● Monitor and adjust the implementation of the K-12 social-emotional curriculum and resources in alignment with a tiered model of support. ● Review the progress of the Safety and Staff Wellness Committee. Partnerships The Board will continue its strong efforts to engage families and the community in supporting high levels of student achievement. ● Build on key strategies to increase and continue removing system barriers for diverse populations. ● Engage in opportunities for two-way communication with our stakeholders, through traditional and emerging media, and through activities like Funds of Knowledge family visits, evening family connection events, and virtual small group feedback sessions. Stewardship The Board will continue evaluating student enrollment and its impact on the facility’s needs for the future. The Board is committed to being good stewards of taxpayer dollars and will implement responsible long-range fiscal planning that addresses the mission and vision of the district. ● Address capital improvements and facility maintenance including: HS 300 Wing Technology Rewiring and Wireless Access Point Upgrade, HS 300 Wing Roof Replacement, District Office Exterior Paint, Bay View School Emergency Generator, North Grandstand Roof and Paint, and District Office Boiler Replacement. ● Maintain the Board’s goal of 5% general fund reserves. ● Allocate resources across all departments and facilities based on the Strategic Plan. Adopted: 5.23.2022