Welcome to BEAM (Burlington Edison Academy of Mastery)

The Burlington Edison School District has teamed up with OSPI’s Digital Learning Department to offer an online learning experience geared to supplement credit recovery options and offer courses that enrich a student’s learning at Burlington Edison High School.

BEHS students needing to make up core credits or upper-class students seeking courses unavailable locally may have access to a wide variety of courses including Math, Science, History, English, and others.

Students work on BEAM courses during regular class periods and in some cases in after school 7th hour time slots in a dedicated computer lab on campus at BEHS. All BEAM students are encouraged to work on their courses outside of school hours and can do so anytime and anywhere they have computer/internet access.


To learn more about registration or other information about BEAM, please see your counselor.

Current BEAM program staff:

Laura Powers - Registrar :