THIS WEEK IN MIDDLE SCHOOL SPORTS (This link is updated weekly.)

DISTRICT TEAMS: They are made up of students being pulled from each of our schools to form a team.

District Middle School Sports Schedules

(Cross Country, Volleyball, Wrestling, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Track)

SCHOOL TEAMS: They are made up of students from their individual schools.

Athletic Resources

Academic Grade Check Time Lines

Please refer to the Academic Grade Check Timeline!
To Summarize, we check four times during the school year:
At the beginning of the school year, beginning of the Winter Sports Season, and Beginning of the Spring Sports Season.
You must be passing at least 7 out of 8 classes, maintaining a 2.0 G.P.A. and must be passing advisory.
If you are a student not passing at the time we check grades, you will be required to sit at least 2 contest, events, etc...
For more information, refer to Athletic/Activities Code.


For more information and more activities go to our activities website.

ARE YOU CONSIDERING/WANTING TO ADD A NEW ACTIVITIES/ATHLETIC PROGRAM AT B-E H.S.? The process includes completing a proposal with the following requirements: (Click HERE to download requirements)

Submit a letter/proposal to include the following:

1) Athletic/Activities Director Approval for consideration.

a.Have interest that is acceptable to the associated student body and the administration.

b.Does the new program fall under the sanctions of the WIAA?

i.Season Requirements

ii.Coaching Requirements

c.Does interest fall in line with the tri-annual Athletic Interest Survey?

d.How does the interest impact Title IX?

i.If adding any sport to a school, how it will impact Title IX with in the school system 7-12. If adding a sport will offset the Title IX numbers from one gender to the other gender, it may not be considered. If the sport is a combined gender sport, then, it will not have an impact as the opportunity is for both.

e.How does the addition of new program impact current programs?

f.Are there other schools with in the local geographic area to participate against?

i.This may require conference approval to participate in a new program.

2) Develop and submit policies and procedures, which should include recommended practice facilities and financial obligations that support the Burlington-Edison School District Athletic Program purpose and philosophy.

3) Propose a budget including revenue and expenditures for the following:

a.Coaches-Head and/or Assistants




e.Facility Rental, if required.

f.Other items:

4) Obtain Burlington-Edison ASB approval.

a.A formal approval to be a team or club through the ASB is required by the student body. (See ASB advisor for details)

5) Obtain Northwest Conference Permission to join league.

6) Obtain N.W.I.A.A. District One Permission to join District for post-season purposes.

7) Obtain W.I.A.A. State permission to join.

8) Obtain Burlington-Edison Building Principal Signature for approval.

9) Obtain Burlington-Edison Superintendent Signature for approval.

10) Obtain the School Board’s Approval.

a.This will include a presentation to the school board prior to final approval by school board.

Activity/Athletic Fees

Burlington-Edison High School Athletic/Activity Fee:

The Activity Fee has been removed beginning in the summer 2015. There is no activity fee at Burlington-Edison School District schools.

B-E HS ASB Card is required. The cost of the ASB card is $35. For students who are on free&reduced lunch there is a reduced rate of $20.  ASB card gets all Burlington-Edison students into all District One home contests for free. For away contests, the price at the door with B-E HS ASB card will be $3.00. This does not include any crossover playoff games or post-season contests. Please see Ticket Prices link on home webpage for more details.

All Fees and Fines must be paid before any athlete participates in an contests.
(Fees updated 11-25-2019)

Athletic Department



PHONE: 360-757-3353

FAX: 360-757-3350

Follow B-E HS Athletic events on Twitter @BEHSTigers

For schedules use the website

Follow B-E on Facebook!

Athletic Director

Click HERE for a message from Don

Name: Donald Beazizo

Educational Experience: I graduated from Concrete High School in 1986 and attended Eastern Washington University on a football scholarship. I received my Bachelors in Education with a Major in Physical Education and Minor in Biology. In 1999, I completed my Masters in Administration through Heritage University.

In October 2013, I received my National Certification for Athletic Administration through the NIAAA.

Teaching Experience: In 1993, I began my teaching and coaching career in Republic, Washington nestled in North Central Washington. I taught science, keyboard, pre-algebra, and world history at the middle school for the first three years. I transferred to the high school where I taught Earth Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Anatomy/Physiology.

Coaching Experience: I coached football at Eastern Washington University as a student assistant from 1987 to 1993. From 1993, while at Republic, I was also the Head Football Coach for 7 years and the Head Softball Coach for 4 years. I was also the head softball coach at Concrete High School from 2006-2010.

Administrative Experience: In 2000, I was the Athletic Director at Sedro-Woolley School District. Then, in 2002 became the high school principal/athletic director at Concrete High School. I also took on the duties of the district’s athletic director in 2004.

Personal Information: I am happily married to the Concrete Elementary Kindergarten Teacher, Mrs. Lisa Beazizo. My son Ryan attended Concrete High School and graduated in 2006.

Hobbies: I play golf with all of my spare time. I am trying to drop my handicap to single digits. My wife and I travel in the summer to hot locations with a golf course. Listen to my video theme song by clicking on this link.

Purpose of High School Athletic Programs: The purpose of the Athletic Program in Burlington-Edison School District schools is to promote, direct, and conduct interscholastic athletics in such a manner as to further the aims of general education, promote friendly relations with other schools, to encourage participation by students, and to teach good sportsmanship.

Athletic Philosophy: The Athletic Department is an integral part of the total educational process of Burlington-Edison Schools. Being involved in athletics provides our students with opportunities to develop leadership skills and to learn the ideals of fair play and ethical behavior which are necessary for competition and cooperation in our society. It should also provide our students with the unique opportunities for self‐discipline, self‐sacrifice, and loyalty to the community, the school and the team.

Burlington-Edison Schools encourage all students to participate in athletics by offering a well‐rounded program of interscholastic athletics for both young men and women. Competition and cooperation are prized in our culture, and both are fostered by a well conducted athletic program under competent leadership. Athletics which are regulated to meet educational objectives can provide a major contribution to the physical and moral development of students.

Interscholastic athletics is a voluntary program. Students are not obligated to participate and participation is not required for graduation. Thus, competition in school athletics is a privilege and not a right.

Educational Philosophy: I believe that all students can learn, but some may learn at different rates. I believe that all students need to take an active part in the pursuit of their education. Parents need to be a part of their child’s education. Students need to be active in after-school programs to have a connection to school. Students need to take pride in their homework and make an honest effort.

My accomplishments/awards:

While as an Athletic Director

2007-2011 Serve as Northwest District One Board President

2011-2012 NWIAA District One-Athletic Director of the year

While Coaching Football

1999 A/B All-Star Assistant Coach

1998 Panorama League Champions

1998 Coach of the year

1996 Seahawk Coach of the Week

1996 Northeast B-11 Football Champions

1996 Coach of the year

1995 Made playoffs for the first time in school history

1995-1998 Made Playoffs each year

While Coaching Softball

2008 Placed 5th State Tournament

2008 Northwest 2B/1A League Champions

2000 Placed 8th State Tournament

1999 Panorama League Champions

1999 Coach of the Year

1997 Took team to State playoffs, 2nd time in social history

1997 1st place in District 7 Tournament

1996 1st place in Panorama League Tournament

As participant in high school athletics

1985-86 Skagit County Athlete of the year

1985 State Champions in Football

1985 Kingbowl the “Most valuable player of the day” from All Classifications.

1984 State Champions in Football

1983, 1985 Placed 2nd in two state championships in baseball

1984-85 Placed 6th State B Basketball Tournament

Athletic Office Hours & Sports Seasons

Turnout for all sports begins on the following days:

  • Wednesday, August 21 ~ (football only)
  • Monday, August 26 ~ all other fall sports
  • Monday, Nov 4 ~ (girls' bowling only)
  • Monday, November 18 ~ all other winter sports
  • Monday, March 2 ~ spring sports

Office re-opens on Monday, August 19, 2019. Hours are from 7:15 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Athletics/ Activities Office Phone Number 360-757-3353

Athletic/Activities Clearance Forms

BEHS Athletic & Activities Packet:
Athletic packets are required to be updated yearly. Athletic packets must be turned into the athletic/activities office prior to the first day of practice. See Athletic Office Hours & Sports Seasons link. The following items need to be completed. Most of the items listed are part of the athletic packet
If you would like to register your son/daughter using the online athletic packet, please use this link through

Online Registration Link


Click on this link for the Spanish Version of Sports Physical. For just a copy of sports physical form to take to the doctor: Sports Physical

Academic Contracts:
The following academic contracts need to be completed and filled out if a student is involved in other programs for academics outside the regular high school program.

B-E Athletic Apparel

Burlington-Edison High School Apparel

Design and Customize your B-E HS apparel, bags, jersey's, etc...

For a limited time, use PROMO CODE: uThaSDK5 for a $10 gift card discount. Expires 12/17/2015
Note: A small profit is made on each item purchased by the consumer for the InVest Ed Fund.

B-E H.S. Student-Athlete Advisory

Student-Athlete Advisory

After reading an Article in “High School Athletic Director and Coaches” magazine, it was discovered that trends among the Top Colleges and Universities in the United States are providing “Leadership Academies” as an entry requirement for their freshmen student-athletes, as a way to develop leadership skills. The article also stated, “In the colleges and universities research, it was discovered, coaches sometimes take-for-granted that student-athletes know the skills to be a team-leader, in actuality, that is not always the case.” The idea behind the Academies, are to promote and develop the skills in young men and women in becoming strong team leaders whom coaches respect and teammates trust.

At Burlington-Edison High School, we decided to introduce/improve those skills at a younger age. Our Athletic Director is meeting with our Student-Athlete Advisory group once a month to discuss those skills necessary to be a team leader. The Student-Athlete Advisory group was formed by having representation for each sport at B-E H.S. While the colleges and universities require a ten week course, five days a week in August before their freshman year, we decided to modify the program to fit a high school student-athlete schedule.

For further information regarding the Student-Athlete Advisory, please contact Athletic Director. The following is a list of lessons that will be introduced to the student-athletes:


B-E HS Team Camps

Summer Weight Lifting: Summer Weight Lifting Flyer
Football 8th Grade Camp: Camp Flyer
Football Youth Camp: Youth Camp Flyer
Football Tiger Football 9-11 grade Camp: Tiger Spring Camp
Girls Basketball Camp: 2019 Basketball Camp
Volleyball Camp: TBD
Boys Basketball Camp: TBD
Fastpitch Camp:

Booster Clubs


The best way to join a booster club program, recognized by the Burlington-Edison School District, is to communicate with our head coaches or advisers of our programs. They can put you in touch with the booster club officers for the programs, when they meet, and how to get signed up.
The general purpose of a booster club is to assist in financing the legitimate extra-curricular activities of the student body in order to augment, but no conflict with, the educational programs provided by the Burlington-Edison School District. The B-ESD realizes there are many enthusiastic and caring parents who are willing to help but may not know all the implications of their involvement. The B-ESD wants to make sure parents are protected, and the interactions are positive when boosters are working with our programs.
By Law, Booster Clubs have specific requirements in order to function as a booster club:
  •  Current Organizational By-Laws for your group
  •  Develop a Mission and Vision Statement
  •  Business License (If retail sales are held)
  •  Parent Organizational rules (if any)
  •  Current list of officers provided to the buildings administration
  •  IRS Tax Identification Number (EIN)
  •  Washington State UBI #
  •  Certificate of Insurance
  •  Inventory of equipment (that is property of the booster club), not required if items are donated to the school.
  •  Recent copies of income tax reports
  •  Annual renewal of Secretary of State Registration
  •  List of Bank Accounts
  •  Current list of bank authorized signers (usually President and Treasurer; requires two signatures)
  •  Health Cards (if food is sold)
  •  Articles of Incorporation with Secretary of State stamp
  •  IRS Tax exempt request letter and/or Tax determination letter
  •  Any other agreements set forth with the school buildings administration
  •  It is the expectation with every booster club group associated with the Burlington-Edison School District groups and/or programs that our head coaches/advisers are highly involved in the decision making process. The Booster Club mission and vision statements, as well as, the booster by-laws should reflect this requirement.
  •  Also, included in the by-laws should reflect that any group that disbands or no longer will be a booster club, that all monies in accounts will be transferred and donated to the groups Associated School Body Account.

It is important, at a minimum, for the booster club officers and its members have an understanding of the school guidelines to avoid booster clubs acting as an ASB group.

  • Money raised during the school day, on school property, using school personnel, or school materials is public money.
  • Public money, generated by the students or in the name of students, may be used only for Cultural, Athletic, Recreational, or Social purposes.
  • ASB funds are restricted Public Money and cannot be used for curricular purposes.
  • Co-Curricular is not a legal term. Only curricular and extra-curricular are defined by law.
  • Public Money cannot be given away for private use. (Example: Booster Club members getting into games for free)
  • Students and staff must collaborate on the generation of public money. (ASB Meetings)
  • Schools must have a system to monitor and protect the use of public money. (Coaches attending booster meetings)

What turns a parent group fundraiser into an ASB activity?

  • The cash receipts are given to the school ASB secretary and/or stored in the school safe. Athletic Office cannot collect funds for booster clubs.
  • The students handle the cash receipting reconciliation process.
  • The inventory is purchased by the ASB…Student Officer signs a purchase order.
  • The school district holds and inventories the goods for sale.
  • A majority of the work is performed by the students. Work must be done by the parents.
  • The parent group uses the school name (without adding “boosters”).
  • District facilities use not following per district policy. School district personnel are involved during staff time.
  • Event workers wearing official school apparel.


Application Process for Starting a New Booster Club

Please complete the following two items to be considered a booster club group being recognized by the Burlington-Edison School District:

Coaches Information


Coaching Positions (Paid or Volunteer)

Click on the link below to get the needed form:

Coaches Training- 3Dimensional Training Discover 3Dimensional Resources

Coaches Salary Schedule

ASB Requisition-use this form to purchase items from your ASB Budget

General Requisition-use this form for purchase items from a District Account-need Don's approval prior to use.

Burlington-Edison School District Coaches Handbook

Return to Play Protocol after a Concussion

Protocols for incremental weather and practices

Student-Athlete Incident Report Form    Injury Reporting through Skyward

Sample Attendance Roster


New Head Coach Checklist

New Assistant Coach Checklist

For a Mileage Reimbursement Request Form OR Travel Expense Reimbursement OR Travel Request Form click on the following link which will take you to Human Resources Forms website: B-E Human Resouces


OSPI Title Nine Team Worksheet This is an annual report that needs to be completed and submitted to Athletic Director. (Advice to save a copy to your computer to update each year).


If you are planning a trip Out-Of-State, the superintendent would like to have a pre-approve planning guide submitted before school board taking action. Use this PRE-APPROVAL FORM FOR OUT OF STATE TRAVEL. This doesn't replace school board approval form for Travel Request Form for over night travel. This needs to be submitted two months prior to travel.

RISK MANAGEMENT FORMS: Risk Management Manual

Equipment Checklist

Facility Checklist

Locker Room Checklist


Swim and pe Safety Guidelines


Baseball Guidelines


Basketball Guidelines

Cheerleading Guidelines

Cross Country Guidelines

Football Guidelines

Golf Guidelines

Soccer Guidelines

Tennis Guidelines

Track and Field Guidelines


Volleyball Guidelines


Weight Room Guidelines

Wrestling Guidelines

Springbreak Contact Information for B-E

Coaching Positions Paid or Volunteer

For positions open in the Burlington-Edison School District, please check the Human Resources website.

For a B-E HS Volunteer Coaches packet, please click on this link (Volunteer Coaches Packet).
Prior approval from the head coach of the sport is required, then a meeting with the athletic director is a requirement before any consideration of volunteers.

The following needs to be completed in order to be considered a paid/volunteer coach in the Burlington-Edison School District:

For a Volunteer:
  1. Head Coach approval for the sports program.
  2. Athletic Director Approval.
  3. Volunteer Coaches Packet completed. See Link above or stop by high school athletic office.
  4. Finger Prints. Stop by high school athletic office for finger print packet. Here is a link.
  5. A Current First Aid and CPR card on file in the high school athletic office.
  6. Online Rules Test Completed. Provide athletic director an email address to be assigned a user name and password to complete 4 tests which include concussion management, sudden cardiac arrest, WIAA Rules Test, and a sport specific rules test.
  7. Must maintain coaching standard requirements on an annual basis.
For a Paid Coach:
  1. Must apply for the open position in the district. See link mentioned above for human resources website.
  2. Must interview for the position.
  3. Head Coach approval for the sports program.
  4. Athletic Director Approval.
  5. Finger Prints and additional hiring paperwork. Stop by the district office.
  6. A Current First Aid and CPR card on file in the high school athletic office.
  7. Online Rules Test Completed. Provide athletic director an email address to be assigned a user name and password to complete 4 tests which include concussion management, sudden cardiac arrest, WIAA Rules Test, and a sport specific rules test.
  8. Must maintain coaching standard requirements on an annual basis

    For WIAA requirements for coaching in the State of Washington, please check the WIAA website for Coaching Standards for paid or volunteer coaches.

College Bound Athlete

College Bound Athlete

If you are a high school student who is considering playing sports in college, you must meet specific requirements throughout high school and register with the NCAA / NIAA. The links below will guide you in this process. Please talk to your coach or counselor if you have any questions.
NCAA Eligibility Center Coaching Education
The NCAA Eligibility Center Coaching Education course has been jointly developed by the Eligibility Center and the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). The course is designed to educate teachers, coaches, parents, and counselors about the NCAA's initial eligibility requirements. After completing the course, you will be more prepared to advise your student-athletes about the necessary steps to become certified to compete in NCAA Divisions I and II athletics. Coaches can complete a course immediately and will have up to one year to review and access all printable resources.
This section provides information on how student-athletes can comply with NCAA bylaws in order to compete in intercollegiate athletics. It includes information on what high school students need to do to be eligible to compete their first year in college, as well as guidelines that coaches and prospective student-athletes must follow during the recruiting process.
This website will help athlete's with the recruiting process. Athletes need to promote themselves to open the most doors that exist in colleges. Recruiting Realities will help in that process to promote. Take a look at this video clip to get a better idea about the program.
It seems like everyone who watches ESPN, logs on to, or watches high school sports has an opinion about how to get recruited. You need to be very careful here!! Even people who mean well sometimes just don't fully understand the recruiting process from the college coaches point of view. Click on the link to see some of the major myths.
Another article dealing with Myths about Scholarship and the Student-Athlete.
Sports Specific Recruiting Guide by NCSA Athletic Recruiting Company
Are you wondering what evaluation criteria college coaches use to consider a student-athlete to be a college-prospect? This link provides a guideline for what they look for in a Division 1 athlete as well as Division 2 and 3.
Next College Student Athlete website company to help you get recruited.


Burlington-Edison High School

301 N. Burlington Blvd
Burlington, Washington 98233



Burlington-Edison High School – 301 N. Burlington Blvd, Burlington, WA 98233

  1. Exit 231 head towards high school on N. Burlington Blvd.
  2. Turn right into parking lot.
  3. Parking on the North End of parking lot near the blue recycling bind.
  4. DO NOT PARK IN THE PARK-N-RIDE just north of the sub-varsity football field.
    D.O.T. does not want teams being dropped off in the park-n-ride because of the damage it is doing to landscaping.


Burlington-Edison High School – 301 N. Burlington Blvd, Burlington, WA 98233

1. Exit 231 head towards high school on N. Burlington Blvd.

2. Turn right onto West Victoria Street. Off Load students between Tennis Courts and Locker Rooms.

3. Park bus(ses) in front of grey fence.

4. AD from Burlington-Edison will have cones out to reserve a spot to park buses.


  1. From the I-5 exit in Burlington (exit # 230), travel west on Highway 20 toward Anacortes for approximately 4 miles.
  2. Turn right at the Port of Skagit County Regional Airport sign. You are now heading north on Higgins Airport Way.
  3. Turn left onto Crosswinds Drive and follow around toward the airplane hangars.
  4. There is ample bus parking in this area.


  1. From the I-5 exit in Burlington (exit # 230), travel west on Highway 20 toward Anacortes for approximately 2 miles.
  2. Turn right at onto Avon Allen Road. You are now heading north on Avon Allen.
  3. Approximately ¼ of a mile, turn Left on Country Club Drive.
  4. Ample parking for buses in parking lot.

Gym Calendars

Individual Champions

Burlington-Edison has had some great individual performances in the history of sports. The following are links to Individual Champions:



For Girl's Wrestling:

For Boy's Wrestling:

For Girl's Tennis:

For Boy's Tennis:

For Girl's Swimming:

For Boy's Swimming:



For Boy's Golf:

For Girl's Golf: State Champions and State Placers

Middle School Information

Burlington-Edison School District has four Kindergarten through 8th grade elementary schools. All four schools are members of the WIAA. If you are looking for middle school athletic schedules or just looking for information pertaining to middle school athletics, you can find them at the following links:

Allen Elementary Athletics

Bay View Elementary Athletics

Edison Elementary Athletics

Lucille Umbarger Elementary Athletics

Northwest Conference


Washington State is broken into 9 WIAA Districts through out the state, The Northwest Conference is a member of WIAA District One. To see a visual of how the Northwest Conference is made up and how it fits with in the WIAA, click on the link below.

Post-Season Information

For information pertaining to post-season information for district playoffs in all sports, please refer:


For information pertaining to post-season information for state playoffs in all sports, please refer to this link:

Project Unity at B-E HS

Project Unify is an Inclusion program here at Burlington-Edison High School. Special Olympics Project Unify is an education-based project that uses sports and education programs to activate young people to develop school communities where all youth are agents of change-fostering respect, dignity and advocacy for people with intellectual disabilities.

To become involved with Project Unify contact Noelle Jacobson, B-E HS Project Unify Coordinator/Coach, at
For more information about Project Unify, click on the link.
Burlington-Edison Unified Soccer season is here...This is the Unified Soccer Schedule.
Check out the opening day ceremonies for the Burlington-Edison Tigers at Ingraham High School and see what this program is all about...

Sample Invoices from Business Scams


Heads up: A company out of Virginia called “All About Sports” is sending local businesses invoices for $199 to support team “x”. It’s a scam. Here’s a copy of one. Note the bottom sentence…


The member schools of the Northwest Conference…WELCOMES YOU TO THIS CONTEST!! As a result of the NWC Sportsmanship Forum, students came together and compiled a list of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors to promote sportsmanship at all NWC events. Please take a moment to review the following prior to the start of the contest:

Acceptable Behavior

  • Applaud both teams during player introductions
  • Take part in cheers and applaud good performances
  • Refrain from negative comments about officials, coaches, or players
  • Show respect for public property and equipment
  • Applaud at the end of the contest regardless of the outcome
  • Encourage surrounding fans to display only sportsmanlike conduct
  • Accept decisions of contest officials
  • Treat opposing fans with respect and sportsmanship
  • Support your team with positive cheers
  • Enjoy the contest, win or lose

Unacceptable Behaviors

  • oYelling, waving arms or attempting to distract players during free throw attempts
  • oMaking derogatory comments of any kind, directed at any individual or group
  • oBooing or heckling any officials decision
  • oYelling or making comments that antagonize opponents
  • oBlaming the loss on an official, coach, or participant
  • oUsing profanity
  • oDoing own/yells and cheers rather than following the lead of the cheerleaders
  • oRefusing to give recognition for good performances
  • oRefusing to follow directions of game management
  • oDrawing attention to yourself or a group rather than supporting the athletic contest

National Federation of High School's Sportsmanship Course
This course will be used for parents, athletes, and coaches who need a refresher course on the understanding of sportsmanship in high school sports.

Anacortes * Bellingham * Blaine * Burlington-Edison * Ferndale * Lynden * Lynden Christian * Meridian * Mount Baker * Nooksack Valley * Sedro-Woolley * Sehome * Squalicum

Sports Media

Sports Schedules

B-EHS Athletic Schedules
For schedules, standings, coaches information, photos, and much more click on to access B-EHS Athletic Schedule Changes after clicking on the link for schedules, find and click on the orange "Subscribe" tab for instructions on how to sign up to get Burlington-Edison High School athletic schedule changes the moment they happen.

For Middle School Schedules (To include Allen, Bay View, Edison, and Lucille as well as District Team Schedules) Click on this link Middle School Sports Schedules.

Team Championships

Burlington-Edison has a rich tradition in sports. Burlington-Edison has many sports teams that have gone on and won championships. The following are links that identify those team champions:





The Advantages of being a Multi- Sport Athlete

The Role of Parents in Athletics

It is evident that all parents want the best for their student-athlete. It is natural for parents to stand up and support their student-athlete when times are great and when times are not so good. Sometimes parents are not sure how to handle certain situations when they arise at home. Sometimes parents overreact to situations when it doesn't go the way their student-athletes think it should go and that can cause dissension in the family. Here are a few resources to help parents deal with certain situations when it comes to your student-athlete and how to be proactive with your student-athlete entering into the world of athletics.

The Role of Parents in Athletics

Bruce Brown Presentation Powerpoint Roles Coaches Students Parents play in Athletics

Top 10 Do's and Don't as a parent of an athlete

National Federation High School Course-The Role of the Parent in Sports

Your kid and my kid are not playing in the pros

Probability of competing in sports beyond high school

How to Destroy your child's athletic future in 3 easy steps

Tiger Core Covenants

Ticket Prices

B-E High School
Participant Family Pass (Light Gray) $155.00

Admits 2 adults/2 students (12 years of age and

younger) ~ immediate family only

Admits 1 Pass (Bright Orange) $75.00

Admits any 1 person

Admits 2 Pass (Green) $125.00

Admits any 2 persons

Senior Citizen Pass (62 yrs and above) (Blue) $35.00

District Employee Pass (Pink) $35.00

For B-E District employees ~ they may

purchase up to 2 tickets

Reserved Football Seating (Blue) $28.00

$40.00 for 5 homes games

$32.00 for 4 home games

$24.00 for 3 home games

$16.00 for 2 home games

$8.00 for 1 home game

(Price is per seat ~ they must purchase the seats for

the entire season ~ they cannot be purchased one

game at a time ~ only for the remaining games that are

left, if they don’t purchase the seat at the beginning

of the season)

NWC Ticket Prices
-Adults / High School Students without ASB card..........................$6.00
-Visiting High School Students with ASB.......................................$3.00
Elementary / Middle School Students with Proper Supervision
Elementary/Middle School-age students without an accompanying adult will not be allowed admission
-Senior Citizens (age 62)..................................................................$3.00
Animals will not be admitted, except service dogs. Skateboards, noisemakers, balls,
etc., will NOT be allowed.
District Event Ticket Prices
-Adults / High School Students without ASB card...........................$7.00
-Visiting High School Students with ASB........................................$5.00
-Senior Citizens (age 62)................................................................$5.00
State Ticket Prices
  • Senior: Age 62 and over
  • Student: Children age 5-11 and students age 12 and over with a valid high school or middle school ASB card
  • Children under the age of 5 are admitted free
TournamentAll Day
All Tournament
Baseball Regionals$9 / 6 / 6
Baseball Finals$10 / 7 / 7$16 / 10 / 10
First Rounds
Finals Sites*

$11 / 8 / 8
$13 / 10 / 10*

$29 / 23 / 23*
*Includes a $1 surcharge added by the facility

Bowling$10 / 7 / 7$16 / 10 / 10
Cheerleading$10 / 7 / 7
Cross Country$10 / 7 / 7
Dance/Drill*$11 / 8 / 8*$17 / 11 / 11*
1st and 2nd Rounds
Semifinals-Tacoma Dome*
Gridiron Classic (Finals)*

$9 / 6 / 6
$10 / 7 / 7
$11 / 8 / 8*
$16 / 11 / 11*

$17 / 11 / 11*
$24 / 17 / 17*
*Includes a $1 surcharge added by the facility

Gymnastics*$16 / 11 / 11*$24 / 17 / 17*
*Includes a $1 surcharge added by the facility

1st and 2nd Rounds
Semifinals and Finals

$9 / 6 / 6
$10 / 7 / 7

$16 / 10 / 10
Softball$10 / 7 / 7$16 / 10 / 10
Swimming$10 / 7 / 7$16 / 10 / 10
Track (1B, 2B, 1A)$10 / 7 / 7$16 / 10 / 10
Track (2A, 3A, 4A)
Thursday half day

$6 / 4 / 4
$10 / 7 / 7

$19 / 14 / 14
Volleyball$10 / 7 / 7$16 / 10 / 10
Wrestling Regionals$9 / 6 / 6$14 / 10 / 10
Mat Classic*
(Wrestling Finals)
$16 / 11 / 11*$26 / 17 / 17*
*Includes a $1 surcharge added by the facility

UPDATED 6/6/2015

Value of participating in athletics

16 Reasons Athletes Are Successful in Life
Playing sports can and should be about more than just having fun. Through sports, you can learn amazing life lessons and develop valuable personal traits that will translate to success throughout your life, both personally and professionally. Some of the best athletes and coaches of all time have uttered powerful words on the formative powers of sports. Here’s a breakdown of 16 ways some of them have noted how playing sports make people more successful in life.
"If you can’t outplay them, outwork them.” -Ben Hogan

Every athlete has come across other players with more natural talent. And most athletes have personally experienced how hard work allowed them to catch up and even surpass a more naturally gifted athlete who didn’t put forth the same effort. Chalk up that lesson as something you should live by for the rest of your days.

"Sometimes a player’s greatest challenge is coming to grips with his role on the team.” – Scottie Pippen

Every enterprise has leaders and role players. Both are vital to the ultimate success of the organization. But some are unwilling to put forward their best efforts if they’re not the one taking the “game-winning shot.” Athletes learn to play hard even when the play doesn’t call for them to be the star. Everyone needs to execute his or her own assignment so the play works and the team (or business) wins.

“It is what we learn after we think we know it all, that counts.” – John Wooden

Athletes come from a culture of teaching and learning and of constant constructive criticism from their coaches, team captains and teammates to help them learn more and play better. That experience sets athletes up to be much more receptive to feedback from managers and executives in the business and professional world, enabling them to continually improve and advance their careers.

“It’s what you get from games you lose that is extremely important.” —Pat Riley

Nobody likes to lose, but nobody goes through life undefeated. Losses in sports teach athletes not only how to deal with the pain of a loss, but also how to use the experience to prevent losing in the same way moving forward.

Show me a good loser, and I’ll show you a loser.” – Vince Lombardi

A desire to win and a disdain for losing is what fuels the truly great athletes to dig deep during games and punish themselves in the off-season to be more successful the following season. That same competitive drive and desire to win helps athletes in the professional world find ways to succeed at whatever task their job requires.

“It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret.” —Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Hard work today does not always lead to a reward tomorrow. In fact, many times, you must work hard for weeks and months, or even years, without seeing the benefits. Athletes learn this sooner than most, because they put in hours of hard work before the season starts, knowing that their preparation in the off-season will not pay dividends until much later.

“Set your goals high, and don’t stop ’till you get there.” – Bo Jackson

Sports are the ultimate tool for teaching someone how to set a goal, work tirelessly until it’s achieved and then set a new, more challenging goal. That’s a nice trait to have as you work to improve yourself year to year both personally and professionally.

“Amateurs do things ’till they get it right. Pros do it ’till they can’t get it wrong.” —Steven Jackson

Not much more to say here. Athletes are perfectionists. And so are successful people.

“A team will always appreciate a great individual if he’s willing to sacrifice for the group.” —Kareem Abdul Jabbar

You spend most of your life as part of a group—your family, your business, your community. Athletes respect choices made for the good of the team and learn to apply that attitude in other areas of their lives beyond the playing field.

“If you are afraid of failure, you don’t deserve to be successful!” —Charles Barkley

Sports are thrilling because there is just as much chance that you may lose as that you may win. Despite the risk, athletes eagerly step on the field or court without concern for the loss but in pursuit of the victory. When confronted with similar situations in life, athletes will be more comfortable taking the risk.

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” – Bruce Lee

Athletes must be focused in their efforts if they want to become great at their sport. You can’t become great at tennis if you spend too much of your time practicing billiards, basketball, golf and soccer. The same holds true in life. If there’s something you want to be really great at, you need to focus your efforts on it and limit your distractions.

“If you don’t have confidence, you’ll always find a way not to win.” – Carl Lewis

Confidence can’t guarantee success, but lack of confidence nearly always guarantees failure. Most athletes experience this at some point in their careers as part of a team with great talent but without great confidence, one that finds ways to lose and then the following year gains confidence and finds ways to win.

“A person always doing his or her best becomes a natural leader, just by example.” – Joe Dimaggio

Athletes most respected by their coaches, teammates and fans are the ones who produce on the field. In many cases, these athletes are not very vocal and instead let their play “do the talking.” People always respect and follow a successful executer as he or she proves they can get things done.

“You’re never a loser until you quit trying.” —Mike Ditka

You’re not always going to win every game, but you always have to try. Athletes learn that if you give great effort but lose, you can still walk away with pride and dignity and the respect of your teammates. If you quit before giving it your all, you’ll achieve nothing and lose the respect of those around you.

“Good players create opportunities. The great players and the great people seize them.” —Mia Hamm

Athletes dream of the opportunity to take and make the game-winning shot. Significant opportunities come around in the real world, too, and athletes will be more ready to seize them, because they’ve pursued them throughout their careers.

“The superior man blames himself. The inferior man blames others.” —Don Shula

Athletes rarely say they were “beaten” by their competition, as they believe they are always in control of the game. If you win, it’s because you played your best. If you lose, it’s because you didn’t play your best and the other team took advantage of your off day. Athletes always look to themselves to achieve their successes and fix their failures—not to those around them.

Take a look at our Student-Athletes average grade point averages at B-E H.S. for the last few school years:
Burlington-Edison High School
YearNumber of AthletesAverage G.P.A.

Varsity Letter in Volunteerism

With a partnership of our local Youth United and United Way of Skagit County, Burlington-Edison High School will now recognize and reward students for their volunteer efforts in the community. Students who volunteer 100 hours or more of service in a year can earn a school varsity letter, the same as those earned by athletes and musicians. Applicants must meet all requirements and guidelines. The program will be a work in progress for the first year.

Students meeting the requirements and earning a letter will be recognized at the end of the school year during the athletics/activities assembly on campus during the school day.

WHAT IS VOLUNTEERISM? "The policy or practice of volunteering one's time or talents for charitable, educational, or other worthwhile activities, especially in one's community". This sheet gives you the benefits of volunteering, asking the right questions, and finding out what is the right volunteer opportunity for you. Please review this Be a good volunteer powerpoint and then, answer the following questions at this link for the "How to be a good volunteer training?"

SAFETY TIPS Personal safety is very important. You cannot help others if you become injured yourself! This sheet gives your personal safety information which will help you stay safe during your volunteer experience.

2018-2019 Guidelines lays out what might be accepted and what might not be acceptable hours.

2018-2019 Application Packet must be on file before hours will start to count.

STUDENTS CLICK HERE (must have B-E Gmail login to access)

Contact Person:

DiAnn Cardona, ViV Coach

360-757-4074 ext. 3501