Burlington-Edison School District

Superintendent - Laurel Browning

What is TPEP?

TPEP stands for the Teacher and Principal Evaluation Project. Washington state recently passed legislation requiring school districts to implement a new evaluation system for all teachers and principals beginning in 2013-14.  This new system is intended to provide consistent, meaningful feedback to educators that will more effectively promote continuous professional growth.


Where is the Burlington-Edison School District in the process?

Burlington-Edison has formed a committee that will help guide our transition to the new evaluation system.  The Teacher and Principal Evaluation Project (TPEP) Committee consists of teachers, principals and district office administration. The specific purpose of the committee is to learn about and facilitate communication regarding the new state-mandated teacher and principal evaluation system; the committee will also be making recommendations regarding the new evaluation system specific to Burlington-Edison. Burlington-Edison has chosen the Danielson model for their instructional frameworks and the AWSP model for their leadership frameworks. The Burlington-Edison School Board has adopted the TPEP implementation plan at its July 2013 regular meeting.

Please see links to the left for additional information regarding TPEP. We will continue to update this website and documents as information becomes available.

Committee Documents: