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Applying Online for Classified/Certificated/ Administrative Positions

Q: I forgot my username and/or password. How do I retrieve them?
A: To retrieve your username and/or password, go to the main login screen where you would normally enter that information. Below the “Log In” button you will see a link that says “Forgot your username/password.” Click on that link and enter the email address that you used to create your account. Your username and password will then be emailed to you at that address.

Q: When I click on the “View Open Positions and Apply” button, nothing happens. Why?
A: When you click on that link, a new “pop-up” browser window will open that will allow you to enter our online application system. If your computer is set to not allow popups, it will prevent the new window from opening and you will not be able to log in or view open positions. If nothing appears to happen when you click on the “View Open Positions and Apply” button, you can either click at the top of your screen where it says “allow pop-ups from this site” or you can change your security settings to allow pop-ups.

Q: How do I print the job posting?
A: While you are viewing a job announcement, press “Ctrl + P” or right click on your mouse and select “Print”. This will bring you to the printing preferences screen and allow you to print the job posting. Once there, you will want to shrink the document to fit the page or change the page setup to landscape. If you do not change the layout/size, it may cut some of the announcement off.

Q: I don't see a position I am interested in applying. Can I begin an application so that I can get a head start for a later position?
A: No. You can only begin an application when you apply for a specific position. If you would like to get a head start on your application, we recommend that you send out your confidential reference forms and start requesting letters of recommendation.

Q: Can I print the job announcement for a position I have applied for once the position has closed?
A: Yes. While you are logged in to your account and viewing your application history, click on the position you are looking for and select “View” to pull up your application. Towards the top of your application there is a link that says “View Details of This Job Listing”. Click on that link and you will see the job posting used for that position.

Q: Can I view an old application I previously submitted?
A: Yes. While you are logged in to your account and viewing your application history, click on the position you are looking for and select “View” to pull up your application. Here you can see all the information from your application, including the answers you submitted to all the General Questions, which can be useful when answering similar questions in future applications.

Q: What happens if I submit my application before I am finished?
A: You may edit your application or attach additional documents up until the closing date and time. The screening committee will not to see your application until after the closing date, so you do not have to worry about them seeing it incomplete. Even if you completely submitted your application, you may still make changes to it. All you need to do is go through the application, make the changes, and click the “Submit Application” button again. Your application will then be updated in our system.

Q: I applied for a position in the past and now want to apply for another job. Is my information saved?
A: When you fill out an application, most of the information you enter is stored in your applicant “profile” for easy access when applying for other jobs in the future. The “Name and Contact Information,” “Education History,” “Certifications/Licenses,” and “Employment History” sections are automatically filled in each time you begin an application, using the most recent data that you entered. If your information has changed since your last application or you want to make adjustments to those sections, you can do so each time you apply and your profile will be updated to reflect those changes and saved for the next time you apply. “The Conditions of Employment” section must be completed each time you apply for a job. The “General Questions” and “Attachments” sections are specific to each job and your previous responses will only be recalled if you are applying for another job that requires the exact same information in those sections. That is, if you previously applied for a teaching job and you now apply for another teaching position that contains the same General Questions as the first job, your answers from the first application will automatically be inserted when you begin the second application. When this occurs, you are still able to make changes to the responses in the new application before submitting it. If you then also apply for a Counselor position, you would need to answer the new questions specific to that job. These same parameters apply to the “Attachments” section of the application.
Important note: When you are applying for multiple positions at the same time that require the same set of General Questions and/or Attachments, you cannot make changes to one application without affecting your entries for the other(s). In other words, when you make changes to an application and you also have started or submitted applications for other positions containing the same General Questions and/or Attachments, all currently open applications are also updated in those sections. This is because the system assumes you want the same answers to the same sets of questions across jobs and the same attachments for identical attachment lists. Once the application deadline has passed for an application you have submitted, that application is locked and nothing will change if you alter your responses to similar applications that are still open.

Q: Can I apply for several jobs simultaneously to save time?
A: You may only apply for one position at a time. However, as noted above, most of your application material is saved and will be automatically inserted when you begin an application for another job. If the General Questions and Attachment lists are exactly the same for each job, the full application will be completed when you begin the application for the new job. In this case you will also want to remember the “Important Note” listed above.

Q: How do I insert an institution/degree/major/minor not listed in the drop down box?
A: When you click on the drop down box a list of all the default locations/degrees will appear. At the very top of the list it says “new value not on list.” If you click on that selection, the system will allow you to type in your specific information.

Q: Where can I find detailed information about a posted position?
A: In the “All Posted Positions” screen, select the position you are interested in. Click the button on the supper right hand corner titled “View Details of Highlighted Position.”

Q: How do I know Human Resources received my application?
A: An automatic email will be sent thanking you for your application. You may edit/change your application up until the closing date. Once the closing date/time has passed, you may not change your application and we do not accept additional paperwork (resumes, reference letters, transcripts, etc).

Q: I do not currently have my Washington State teaching or administrator credential. Can I still apply? If so, how do I indicate this in the application?
A: Yes, you may still apply. Please indicate by either stating the status of your credential in the “comments” area, or by attaching a Word document to the “credentials” area which states the status. Please note, however, that you may not work until the district has received a copy of your Washington State credential.

Q: How do I attach a resume, letter of recommendation, or other relevant documentation to my application?
A: Each job posting will tell you exactly what documents you need to include with your application. All documents must be formatted in PDF or JPEG format. Attaching documents is required for most certificated/administrative positions and you will be automatically removed from the applicant pool if you do not submit all required documentation. You must have your files in electronic form in order to attach them to your application. There are limits to the size of files that can be attached to your application, although the limits are very large so you shouldn't have a problem attaching most documents. Documents that have backgrounds will result in a large file size. Consider adjusting the resolution of your scanner to reduce the file size if you encounter this issue or try saving your file in a different format that requires less space. Please see the job posting for information regarding confidential Placement Files.

Q: How do the two Confidential Reference Forms get loaded into my online application?
A: Please download the forms off our website and follow the instructions on the forms. Remember to sign and print your name at the top. The form is only complete if you have signed the top thereby waiving your right to see the recommendation. The individual who completed the Confidential Reference Form will need to mail or fax to the Human Resource office.

Q: What if I have a document that is not in electronic form?
A: You need to use a scanner to scan the document into a Microsoft Word or PDF file and upload it to your application.

Q: How do I know the status of a position I applied for once the job has closed?
A: Typically allow at least 1-2 weeks after the closing date for application screening . Once the screening committee is finished they will call the candidates in for an interview. If you are not selected for a position, we will send you an email letting you know.

Q: Why did I receive an email stating that my application was incomplete?
A: When you receive the email stating that your application was incomplete, it means that the application we received was unfinished or not submitted to Human Resources. You must answer all the questions listed and click on the “Submit to HR” button on the main page of your application in order to be considered for a position. If you did not finish or submit your application before the closing date/time, then we did not receive and accept your application. To avoid this from happening in the future, please make sure you answer each question listed and press the “Submit to HR” button on the online application. Even after you click the “Submit to HR” button, you may still go into your application and make changes up until the closing date and time.

Q: How do I get my work experience to be sorted by date (newest to oldest)?
A: The jobs you enter in the “Employment History” section of the application are automatically sorted in the order in which you worked at each job. Your current (or most recent) position is the first on the list, the job you had before that is second on the list, and so on. Thus, it is important that you enter the starting and ending dates for each job as accurately as you can. If you need to enter a job that you want at the top of the list (e.g. you have started another job since you last applied with us), you will enter that job at the bottom of the list. When you save your entry, the list will automatically be re-sorted to put the new job at the top of the list.

Q: Can I enter more than four jobs in the work experience area?
A: No, you can only enter your last four positions in the “Employment History” section. If you have had more than four jobs, you can include the additional ones in a resume or elsewhere in the application.

Q: I'm a current Burlington-Edison School District employee/substitute. How do I view internal job openings? I can't see them on the website.
A: Jobs that are posted for internal applicants only can be found on the District's intranet. From our main website (www.be.wednet.edu), click on the “EA+” link under the “Staff” section and log in. Then, under the “Employee Access” tab click on “Fast Track Open Positions.” You will now see all current job postings, including those only available for internal applicants.

Q: I still have questions about the application process. Whom can I contact?
A: You may contact Kristyn Browning, Human Resource Specialist, at 360-757-3311 or at kbrowning@be.wednet.edu .