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Burlington-Edison School District enrollment and registration is done online. Click on the link above to begin the process. If you have any questions please contact the District Office at (360) 757-3311

Kindergarten Update: B-ESD is committed to providing a quality kindergarten experience for all students.
Recently, a kindergarten class was opened at Allen Elementary to ensure appropriate class-sizes district-wide.

If you are a Burlington-Edison student and wish to choose a different district then you can go to the Choice Transfer Request Portal and follow the instructions.

Burlington-Edison School District Enrollment Boundaries*
School Attendance: This school boundary map is used to assist in the placement of students. While the school boundaries and proximity of the student’s residence to potential school are important, the following considerations are also taken into account when placing students:
  • Allowing siblings to attend the same school,
  • Continuation at current school, unless otherwise requested by the parent,
  • Capacity within the general education grade,
  • The ability of the district to provide the necessary special education services,
  • If remediation services can accommodate student needs, and
  • If English Language Learner services can accommodate student needs.
Given the fluidity of several of the above factors, please do not use the boundary map alone the basis for choosing a home. It is possible that your child may not be placed within the school boundary. If you have questions, please contact the Enrollment Office of the Burlington-Edison School District, at 360-757-3311

*Boundaries are subject change in accordance with Policy No. 3130
On a regular basis we are tasked with the responsibility of reviewing our school boundaries. Given the areas impacted by new(er) development, density of housing, class-sizes, and stability of student enrollment the district has found it necessary to adjust building boundaries. This has been done through a thoughtful, student centered approach with a goal of creating boundaries that are guided not only by geography, but a philosophy which ensures every school draws from a thriving, supportive neighborhood community.