February 11, 2020 Capital Bond
Educational Programs & Operations Levy Information

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Proposition No. 2 - Ballot Measure

The Board of Directors of Burlington-Edison School
District No. 100 approved a proposition for a bond.
This proposition would authorize the District to
construct a 7-8 middle school, relocate the alternative
high school, construct and equip a new gymnasium
and remodel portions of West View Elementary,
including parking and portables, provide elementary
safety and security upgrades and issue up to
$89,000,000 of general obligation bonds maturing
within a maximum term of 20 years, and levy excess
property taxes annually to repay the bonds, as
described in Resolution #850.

What is a School Bond?

The State of Washington does not fund the regular
building or maintenance of public schools. Instead, local
voters must approve school bonds for this purpose.
Similar to a mortgage, bonds may be paid for over 20
years, helping to keep annual costs lower for taxpayers.
State law mandates that bond dollars be used only for
building and maintenance, not classroom operations or

What is the Projected Tax
Rate for Proposition No. 2?

The District anticipates that this $89M bond proposal
will result in an average bond rate of approximately
$1.37 per thousand of assessed value over the 20-year

Our Kids. Our Schools. Our Future.

This bond is responsive

The Board recognizes the urgent needs of our district: 42 portables across the District with limited capacity to add more 7th and 8th graders are spread out across 4 different buildings and with varying options for enrichment and support A middle school provides all students opportunities to take advanced courses, World Language, Career and Technical programs, fine arts, and support classes to strengthen students' core classes. Additionally, our elementary schools were built for half-day kindergarten and now need twice the number of classrooms for full-day programs. We do not have the capacity to accommodate more growth.

This bond is prudent.

Although the K-8 system has been a longstanding tradition in our district, the growing diverse needs of our students have presented many challenges. Construction costs are rising over 15% per year - every year we delay addressing the needs of our district we risk costing taxpayers more in construction costs. By adding security improvements and facility upgrades , we will increase safety at our schools. We also need to add a  gymnasium and upgrade the food services at West View. Our newest school is 15 years old and by adding a middle school, we will be able to provide modern classrooms for students preparing to enter high school.

This bond is Burlington.

In addition to the enriching academic and electives opportunities available to all students with the construction of a middle school, as well as the added security improvements that will increase
safety across the District, the greater Burlington community will benefit from this bond. The construction of a middle school multi-purpose commons adds another gathering space and performance venue within our community. Added gyms at the middle school and at West View provide additional athletic practice and game venues for area teams. This bond is
added value across our amazing community.


Proposed Projects

West View School - B-ESD's oldest school - replace food
service portable building and undersized gym with
upgraded facility (similar to the other 4 elemetary sites)

Construct a new B-ESD multi-story middle school for 7th
and 8th grade students

Safety and security and site improvements at all
elementary schools, including cameras and key card
entry doors

What you can expect from B-ESD

Continual Improvement of Aging Buildings

2020 > Middle School Bond Passes
2024 > Pulver Property Bond Expires
2025 > Plan High School Bond 
2026 > High School Bond

Middle School Benefits

  • B-ESD 7th and 8th grade students have unequal access to programs and opportunities, depending on which of the four middle program sites they attend
  • B-ESD students have fewer opportunities for advanced coursework, world language, career-based introductory courses, enriching electives, and support classes, when compared to their other middle school aged students in Skagit County
  • Students arrive to high school with different levels of preparedness - 33% of B-ESD 9th graders are not "on track" after semester 1 of high school - a middle school supports more consistent preparation for all students
  • Added middle grade classrooms creates capacity to further decrease class sizes and eliminates the need to purchase more portables (42 currently throughout the District)
  • Eliminates inconsistent elementary school transitions
  • Lucille Umbarger (LU) kindergartners can return to the LU campus 
  • Robust, challenging and supportive middle school learning
  • environment supports greater preparation for high school and college
  • and career success
  • Earlier introduction to Career and Technical Education, better
  • preparing students for work skills
  • Opportunities for collaboration and getting to know other 7th and 8th grade students from across the District

The average projected tax rate is $1.37 per $1K of assessed value. The annual taxpayer rate for a home assessed at $300K will be $34.25 per month.

2020 Educational Programs & Operations Levy

Why is the District requesting a 2-Year Replacement Levy?

The two-year Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) Levy (formerly M&O Levy) is the only locally approved ballot measure that directly pays for basic general classroom and operational needs such as special education, curriculum, co-curricular activities, and staff salaries that are not fully funded by the state.
The McCleary Decision provides more money to
schools but does not eliminate the need for local
levies. Like a subscription, local school levies must be renewed with the approval of voters or the funding will be lost. Our current levy expires in 2020. If renewed, the EP&O Levy will allow the District to collect $20,824,000 for two years, representing 18% of our total operating budget.

This is a replacement tax - not a new tax


"Bonds are for Buildings, Levies are for Learning"

Proposition No. 1

The Board of Directors adopted Resolution No. 849 concerning educational funding. This proposition authorizes the District to levy
the following excess taxes, to replace an expiring levy, on all taxable property within the District, to support the cost of the District’s educational programs and operations that are not funded or fully funded by the state:

Collection Years 
2021 - 2022

Approx. Levy Rate/
$1,000 Assessed Value per Year
2021 - $2.50
2022- $2.50

Levy Amount per year
2021 - $10,258,000
2022 - $10,566,000

What does this Replacement Levy

Student Support and Safety
Nurses and Health Assistants
School Counselors
Security Staff
Career and College Support

High school schedule that
creates opportunities for
acceleration, exploration,
and remediation
West View School's Dual
Language Program
New teaching mentoring program

Academic Programs and
Classroom Supports

Certificated and classified staff for
Special Education, Highly
Capable, English Language
Learner programs
Career and Technical
Education/STEM learning
Instructional Assistants
Professional Development for
Reduced class sizes
Curriculum materials and training

Maintenance staff
Substitute Classified staff

Activities, Athletics and

Activities and club advisors
All co-curricular activities (i.e.
Band, Debate, Drama, Clubs)
Sports Athletic Directors and Coaches