1st Grade: Mrs. Tolf

I am so excited for a great year!

Mrs. Tolf
Bay View Elementary Room 123

Meet The Teacher

Hi! My name is Erica Tolf (like golf). I teach first grade at Bay View Elementary.
Here a few "random" things about me:
I am married and have 2 kids (well, they are adults now).
I have 3 pets- a pug named Bella, a rescue dog named Nike, and a cat named Mia.
I live in Burlington.
I graduated as a Tiger from Burlington-Edison High School.
I graduated from Western. That is where I got my teaching degree.
I grew up just down the road from Bay View (but went to Allen because BV was not built yet).
I am still great friends with some of my elementary friends from Allen and BEHS.
My two kids both went to Bay View and other family members have either worked here or their kids attend BV.
I like Diet Coke, Starbucks coffee, scrapbooking, doodle drawing, colored markers, pinterest, creating, spending time with family and friends, and teaching!
I am looking forward to a wonderful year. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or celebrations about your child's progress.


These are the best ways to contact me:
Erica Tolf
360-757-3322 Ext. 6123
It is best to call before school (8:00-8:30) or after school (3:00-3:45)
(I check my email before 8:30 and after school 3:00. I sometimes check at lunch if I have time.
Bay View Room 123 (stop by before or after school)
School begins at 8:45 and ends at 2:40.