Traffic Safety Program

The current summer class will be the last Traffic Safety Education class offered at Burlington-Edison High School. The driver's education program is at a "cross roads," due to staff retiring and wanting to do more traveling in their retirement years.
The Traffic Safety Education instructors are appreciative of all the support from students, parents, community members, the B-ESD Administrations, and the B-ESD School Boards throughout the years, dating back to the 1960s.
Many parents have asked, "What do we do now, if we have a teen that wants to take Traffic Safety?"
The short answer is...there are a couple commercial schools in the Skagit Valley that offer driver's education. Look to their website(s) to see what is offered. Make telephone contacts to ask questions and get you concerns answered.
Please use our website to help you & your teen become a better teacher/ driver.
Just remember, there will be no more classes in which to enroll.
For more specifics, please visit
Please look at the 2016-17 Yearly TSE Schedule to see which class best fits your timeline and activities.
Athletes and students involved in after-school activities during the regular school year, will need to enroll in the before school/zero hour/AM TSE class.
TSE Tribunes and application forms are available in the Athletic/Attendance Office during enrollment time, as well as in the "File Cabinet" section of this website.
Make sure to check the yearly schedule for specific dates to attend the respective mandatory Student/Parent Meeting.
Enrolling students must be at least a Freshman class level or higher.
Pick up an application packet in the Athletic/Activities Office during the enrollment period.
The course cost is $425.00 - One DOL Knowledge Test and one DOL Skill Test is included!
You may apply in the Athletic/Activities Office during regular office/school hours.
Checks are to be made out for $425, to "B-EHS TSE."
Fall classes may begin enrollment starting "Picture Day" in August.
Check the "YEARLY TSE SCHEDULE" for the specific dates, times, and instructors for each TSE class.
You may download an application from this site, and turn it in...or mail it, along with your payment in full to: Burlington-Edison HS Athletic/Activities Office; ATTN: Lisa Drye; 301 N. Burlington Blvd; Burlington, WA 98233
Students need to pre-apply online at the DOL website in order to get their Learner's Permit # (PIC). Please print two (2) copies of the PIC number information from the DOL website.
You must attach this PIC number page to the TSE application when enrolling. If you have a WASHINGTON STATE ID, the 12 digit/number PIC number is on the ID. WA ID owners DO NOT pre-apply on-line.
Just write the PIC# on the application.
Our B-EHS TSE program includes the following:
*30 Hours of Classroom Instruction
*6 Hours of Behind-The-Wheel Driving
*6 Hours of Backseat Student Observation/ 4 Hours are required by WA State Law
*1 DOL Knowledge Test given on campus ... beginning summer/fall, 2016 the new 40-question written knowledge
test will be administered statewide. In addition to the traffic sign knowledge, and all topics from the older 25-
item test, the new 40-item test will cover a range of topics including distracted driving, hazard awareness,
along with alcohol and other drugs.
*1 DOL Skill Test given on campus
EVERY segment of instruction is delivered by Washington State accredited Teachers, endorsed traffic safety education instructors, and DOL qualified examiners at B-EHS.
Students must be at least 15 years old, on or by the Parent/ Student Meeting date, to enroll in a TSE class.
Sessions are offered during the fall, winter, spring and summer.
The $425 total payment fee is due at enrollment, and includes the classroom; the behind-the-wheel driving; backseat observation; one DOL approved Written Knowledge test; and one Driving Skills Test.
This fee is nonrefundable, unless a student withdraws within the first five (5) hours of the course. Text (preferred) or call Mary Lynch, TSE Coordinator at 360.540.7777 if you have further concerns or questions.

TSE Calendar


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Parent's Corner

The following information has been provided to assist parent(s)/ guardians(s) in the teen driving experience.

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) states on their website..."According to recent research of teen views on driving, teens who say their parents set rules and pay attendtion to their activities in a helpful, supportive way are half as likely to be in a crash. This balanced approach to parenting is called "authoritative parenting."

To learn the facts and get more advice about teen driver safety, visit the "Links" page. Start with visiting the two websites... and Then choose from over 30 other links to increase your knowledge about teen driving.

PARENT/ STUDENT MEETING/ a first step in the teen driving journey

Each quarter, a Parent/ Student Meeting is conducted for all students and parent(s)/guardian(s). The meeting is held in the B-EHS Library from 6:45-8:00 PM. This is considered the first class meeting and attendance will be taken. About one week prior to the beginning of class, enrolled students/parent(s) will receive via mail, a reminder letter/ memo detailing the meeting's agenda. For more information about this evening, please select the link "Parent/Student Meeting" from the home page.

WHAT PARENTS NEED TO KNOW (from WA Parent Guide to Teen Driving...DOL)

Driving Risks
Driving can be a dangerous activity for anyone; however, it is more dangerous for young drivers. Novice teen drivers are involved in collisions more than any other age group. These are some of the reasons:

Young age/ Lack of maturity: Teenagers can make more errors in judgment than those in other age groups. Be aware that your teen is likely to drive differently and to take more risks when you are not in the vehicle.
Brain development: Teens should be the world's best drivers. Their muscles are well toned, their reaction time is quick, and their eye-hand coordination is at a peak. Yet collisions kill more teens than any other cause--a problem, some researchers believe, that is rooted in the adolescent brain. A National Institutes of Health study suggests that the region of the brain that inhibits risky behavior is not fully formed until age 25.
Risky driving behavior: Teenagers may engage in risky driving behaviors. These include speeding, running red and yellow lights, running stop signs, tailgating, weaving in and out of traffic, not keeping a safe distance for merging or changing lanes, misjudging gaps in traffic, and misjudging the capability of their vehicle.
Distractions: Any new or inexperienced driver is challenged when faced with distractions while driving. Music, cell phones, pets, and passengers should be left at home while your teen is learning to drive.


Become familiar with the TSE text, Drive Right; the WA State Driver's Guide; and the WA Parent Guide to Teen Driving...learn what your teen is learning...take a scholarly interest
Make yourself available by setting aside time for discussion and practice
Determine a goal for each drive
Plan each session based on the skill level of your teen driver
Know the intermediate license laws...visit the WA Traffic Safety Commission
Know the legal restrictions to earning the intermediate license...visit the WA DOL webpage for special rules for teen drivers.
Know all you can about teen driving...visit the links on this webpage
Supervise your teen's driving
Establish family driving expectations, rules, boundries, guidelines, and limits
Be a good role model while you are driving...set a good, lawful example by following the rules of the road, by not texting or using a cell phone, by wearing a seat belt
Know where your teen is and who your teen is with
Discuss substance abuse and its effect on teenage driving
Discuss passenger education and rules for the passengers while your teen drives
Provide a safe, reliable vehicle for your teen to drive
Realize that your teen is seeking independence so reward responsible behavior with more or greater privileges


Make sure your teen driver is familiar with the controls, gauges, and safety devices
Discuss the many ways to accelerate; many ways to brake; and many ways to steer
Review the dashboard symbols from owner's manual
Assist your teen in completing their driving log...10 hours for our program...50 for the DOL
Point out the various fluids under the hood...their color and function
Help your teen in checking the engine oil and reading the oil dipstick
Allow your teen to complete fuel fill-ups
Compute miles per gallon
Read the Owner Manual section about changing a tire then complete a tire change

Make sure that family rules are clear from the beginnning in a written, parent-teen contract
Focus on courtesy, concentration, judgment, and responsibility
Be responsive...listen to their complaints and concerns
Be willing to modify goals and expectations to fit your teen driver
Limit teen is the law
Be consistent...follow through...let them know you can be counted on for support
Set curfews when necessary
Be positive, be clear, be forgiving
Keep the beginning practice drives short and frequent
Explain often...rather than assume
Allow for your teen to do "commentary driving." As they drive, they are saying outloud what they see, where they are looking, dangers in the driving scene, and what they plan to do
Practice the B-EHS TSE final drive test several times
Remain calm! (Right!...Seriously?)


A contract could be considered a foundation for caring and for trust. It is designed to facilitate communication between teens and their parent(s)/ guardian(s) about potentially destructive decisions related to behavior, driving behavior, peer pressure, as well as alcohol and other drugs. Effective parent - teen communication is critically important in helping young adults to make healthy decisions. The "Contract for Life" by Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) is an example of such a contract.

Contact your insurance company and let an agent know that you have a beginning teen driver. Then ask for their free teen driver resources and driving contracts.

The B-EHS TSE program will provide sample driving contracts at Parent/ Student Night. A Parent/Student contract is not a "have to" of our program. We offer sample contracts to support family decisons.


"Motor vehicle crashes are the No. 1 cause of death for adolescents. Teen drivers (age 16-19) are involved in fatal crashes at four times the rate of adult drivers (ages 25-69). Most of these crashes are preventable." (CHOP website)

Learn more facts and get advice about teen driver safety at and

There are many other useful links on this website to research the facts and figures associated with teen driving.

Parent/Student Meeting

Parent / Student Meeting

An important MANDATORY meeting for parent(s) / guardian(s) of TSE students will be held in the B-E Library prior to the start of each TSE class. An agenda will be mailed to parents a week before the meeting. The agenda may also be downloaded or viewed below.

Students are welcomed, encouraged, and EXPECTED to attend. This session is considered the first class meeting and attendance will be taken.

This parent / student orientation meeting will be devoted to a description of our program, instructional materials, permit & license procedures, samples of parent / teen contracts, and tips for parents.

If you are INVOLVED IN A SCHOOL RELATED ACTIVITY AND CANNOT attend the meeting, please notify by call or text to Mary Lynch, Coordinator at 360.540.7777. Handout materials need to be prepared for all. You can see that an accurate count is necessary. As noted, this meeting is the first class session, so attendance will be taken. "Excused" students will need to make up this class as a later date.
Below is the Parent Night Meeting contents of the topics to be covered at the Parent Night Meeting.


Course Fee

$425.00 includes one DOL Knowledge Test and one DOL Skill Test
Tuition is based on what it costs to operate the program. Tuition includes all classroom materials; resources, use of the 2010 Drive Right textbook (web code cyk-9999); traffic safety automobile expenses, and the behind-the-wheel drives.The $425 course fee must be paid in total at the time of enrollment.

Selection is based on the oldest 25 students during official sign up. Thereafter, students will be enrolled on a first come, first serve basis. High School students are eligible to enroll if they attend a high school that DOES NOT OFFER Traffic Safety Education, including MVCHS, MVHS, Skagit Adventist Academy, and home-schooled students. B-EHS students and home-schooled students living in the
B-ESD boundries would have enrollment priority. After that, students from other high schools and other home-schooled school districts are accepted on a "first-come...first served" basis.

Course Fee Refund

Students enrolling may receive a complete refund of the course fee if they withdraw during the first five hours of the class. The fee is not refundable after that time. Partial fees are never granted. In case of course failure; tardiness, lack of attendance; cheating; suspension; and/or expulsion, a student must pay the total fee. If a student wishes to re-enroll into the next available TSE class, a total new fee must be paid.

Miscellaneous Charges

A $30.00 fee will be charged if a student misses a scheduled drive; gives less than 24 hour notice for last-minute drive cancellations; does not bring required corrective lenses; or does not bring the instructional permit to the drive lesson.

A $50.00 fee will be charged for a damaged or lost textbook.

Additional driving sessions beyond the 6.5 hours included in the original tuition, are available for $30.00 an hour.

A $20 fee is required for a second or subsequent administration of the DOL written/ knowledge test

A $30 fee is required for a second or subsequent administration of the DOL driving skills test


Payments for TSE fees and charges are to be made in the B-EHS Athletic/ Activities Office during normal school hours. Payments of cash, check or money order made out to “B-EHS TSE," will be accepted. The student's "Course Complete" status will not be entered into the DOL website portal until all monies due to B-EHS have been collected.

Most students will complete the TSE Course within two to three months.
It is our goal to make sure that each TSE student has received at least three (3) formal driving lessons prior to completing the thirty (30) hour classroom phase. In many instances, more drives will be completed within the thirty (30) hours.
In such instances where a student requires additional time to complete the classroom phase and/or the driving phase, course completion may be longer than three months, but may not take longer than five (5) months from the date of the Parent/ Student Night Meeting date, considered the first day of class.
Additionally, students will have a total of six (6) months from the date of the Parent/Student Night to complete the DOL Written/Knowledge Test & the DOL Driving Skills Test. Students not completing either/both of the DOL Tests within six (6) months of the Parent/ Student Night, will have opted not to complete the DOL testing on the B-EHS campus. In that case, students must seek alternate Washington State approved DOL Testing sites.
A refund WILL NOT be granted for any student not taking the DOL Knowledge Test &/or the DOL Driving Skill Test within six (6) months of the Parent/Student Meeting.

Application Form




Foreign Exchange Students

Foreign Exchange Students (FES)
It has become increasingly difficult for foreign exchange students (FES) to take traffic safety education. When a FES requests enrollment in our TSE course, the B-E School District requires the following:
1) The FES’s Visa must allow the student to drive in the U.S.

2) The sponsoring program’s rules and regulations must allow the FES to drive in the U.S.

3) The parent / guardian of the FES is required to verify approval by completing a “DLE 520-3 Parent Permission Form" issued by the Department of Licensing. This form is necessary to obtain an instruction permit. Sufficient lead time is necessary to send the form to the FES’s parent / guardian to be properly filled out, signed, and notarized prior to bringing it to the DOL.
4) The host family will need to verify in writing their approval of the FES taking the TSE course from B-EHS.

5) The host family will need to supply proof that they have automobile insurance which insures proper coverage for the FES.

6) The host family will need to agree to provide sufficient driving experience for the FES in order to successfully complete the TSE course. This driving time will require a minimum of 50 hours.

In our past experiences with FES applicants, the two areas of: (1) insurance coverage and (2) legality of the host family providing behind-the-wheel practice, are the two areas keeping the FES from enrolling in the program.

Many FES programs DO NOT allow the FES to practice drive with the host parents. Check this out carefully with the foreign exchange program agency before trying to enroll a FES.

7) The enrollment of a FES should not displace another B-EHS student who would have turned 16 years of age during the specific TSE class.


While learning to drive a vehicle on the public roadway, the student must have an instruction permit. The permit is only valid when the student is driving within Washington State, or other recognized states, and a licensed driver with at least five years of driving experience is seated beside the student driver.
Although very few students do this, any student that is at least 15 and 1/2, and wants to gain the Instruction Permit by taking the DOL Written Test, BEFORE TAKING A TSE CLASS, may go to the Athletic/Activities Office and get a DOL Written Test application from Lisa Drye. There is a $20 fee for taking this test. It is usually given the first Tuesday of every school month, 6:00 PM, room 520. See Lisa Drye or Mary Lynch, TSE Coordinator, for further concerns or questions.
Students who want to gain their Instruction Permit WITHOUT TAKING THE DOL WRITTEN TEST must be enrolled in the B-EHS TSE program. Students who are 15 and not yet fifteen and one-half years of age MUST get their permit through the "waiver" method. That is, they pre-enroll for the permit online at the DOL website, get a PIC #, enroll in the B-EHS TSE program, go to the DOL, pay the necessary fees, and receive the permit.

To Gain the Instruction Permit

The instruction permit, valid for one year and one renewal, may only be gained by visiting a DOL office. There are two main methods of gaining the permit.

All students younger than 15 and a half must get the permit by the “e-waiver” process. Once the course fee and application has been turned in, the student's PIC # will be entered into the DOL Portal by Lisa Drye, Athletic/ Activities Office

For most students, Method #2 is recommended...

Method #1: Taking the DOL written test before taking TSE and being at least 15 1/2 years of age
This method is for students NOT wanting to enroll in a TSE class right away, but wanting to take/pass the DOL Written Test in order to earn the Washington Instruction Permit to be able to drive with a parent(s).
The student visits the Mount Vernon DOL office to secure a Washington State Driver’s Guide. The student studies the guide and must be at least 15 and one-half years of age to take the DOL written/knowledge test on the B-EHS campus. The student goes to the B-EHS Athletic/Activities Office to pick up a "Parental Authorization" form. The student completes the form and returns it to the Athletic/Activities Office, along with the $20 test fee. The test is administered by a TSE staff member, usually the first Tuesday evening of each month, or by appointment. This test will be taken as a 25 items/multiple choice, written test on paper. A score of 80% or better is required and the B-EHS TSE staff will enter the score into the DOL Portal. The student then must visit the Mount Vernon Department Of Licensing Office bringing their Birth Certificate, Social Security Number and Proof of Parent Relationship to receive a plastic instruction permit with photo after paying a $25 fee and having your eyes checked.
For a student NOT passing the DOL written test, a $20 fee is required for each/every subsequent test.


Method #2: The E-Waiver Method (waive/postpone the DOL written test)
This RECOMMENDED method is for students NOT wanting to take the written test before taking TSE, and/ or for those students who are not at least 15 1/2 years of age. The student wants to learn about driver education first, pass the TSE class, and THEN take the DOL written test with their classroom instructor at the END of the TSE course. Keep in mind that the $425 course fee includes one DOL written test and one DOL driving skills test. So at the end of the TSE course, no fee is required to take the written test. Subsequent written tests have a fee of $20.

If a student does not want to take the written / computer test, the student enrolls in a Traffic Safety Education class. B-EHS will enter the B-EHS course information in the DOL Portal. This proof of enrollment is required to waive/postpone the knowledge test until the student completes the classroom portion of TSE. With proper proof of identification, parent and student visit the local DOL Office, and an instruction permit with photo is issued after paying a $25 fee at the DOL office.

Students/parents have a 20 day window to secure the Washington State Instruction Permit...10 days BEFORE the date of the Parent Night Meeting to 10 days AFTER the Parent Night Meeting. THIS IS A MUST! NO EXCEPTIONS! Any student NOT completing this obligation will be dropped from the TSE program ON THE 11TH DAY AFTER THE PARENT NIGHT MEETING DATE. REFUNDS WILL NOT BE GIVEN!

How to apply for an instruction permit
  1. Pre-apply online and save time in the office.
  2. Finish your application at a driver licensing office. Bring the following with you:
    • If you’re:
      • Under 18, a completed Parental Authorization Affidavit. Your parents must also provide proof of their identity and relationship to you.
      • 18 or over and don’t have a Social Security number,proof of Washington residence.
      • Enrolled in a traffic safety course, the waiver from your driving school instructor.
  3. Pass a vision screening.
  4. If you don’t have a waiver, pass the knowledge test at any testing location.
    • If you take your test at a driver training school, check with them to find out how much they charge for testing. (This fee is charged by the school, and isn’t included in the application fee you’ll pay us.)
  5. Visit a driver licensing office and pay the $25 application fee, options are:
    • Cash
    • Check
    • MasterCard and American Express credit/debit cards and some Visa debit cards.
      • There’s a vendor-charged fee on all credit/debit card purchases.

TSE Big Picture



Below is listed the necessary steps to complete TSE at B-EHS…

1.Apply to TSE program by completing and submitting an application from the Activities Office

2.Supply a PIC # on the application...accuracy is a must…turn in application and $425 to Office

3.Get your permit (from 10 days before Parent night to 10 days after class starts)

4.Complete the 30 hour classroom portion within maximum 5 months from the Parent Night Meeting date.

5.Complete the 6 hours behind-the-wheel portion within maximum 5 months from the Parent Night Meeting date...(bring the permit HARD COPY for each drive, as the paper permit has an expiration date)

6.Pass (80%+) the TSE drive test with your driving instructor; planned route…45 min. through Burlington and onto I-5 N and back to B-EHS…students use “commentary driving.” ...within maximum 5 months from the Parent Night Meeting date.

7.Complete the 6 hours back seat observation within maximum 5 months from the Parent Night Meeting date

8.Pay for any fines…lost or damaged books, missed drives, no permit, etc.

9.Pay for any extra drives beyond 6.5 hours

10.Pass (80%+) the DOL written/ knowledge test…given after the last day of class OR on the first (1st) Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM/ Room 520. DOL Written/ Knowledge Testing must be successfully completed within 6 months from the Parent Night Meeting date.

11.Pass the DOL driving skills test (80%+)…20+ minutes/ unannounced route. DOL Drive Skills Testing must be successfully completed within 6 months from the Parent Night Meeting date.

12.The results of completing the TSE course; DOL written test; and DOL driving test are entered into the DOL Portal by the respective instructor/examiner.

13.Students must turn 16 years of age

14.Students must have had their permit for 6 months

15.Students must accumulate at least 50 hours of driving practice. 10 hours need to be dark driving. Students should LOG their time.

16.When all of the above items have been completed, visit any DOL Office, making sure to bring proof of ID…OR if you have your picture on your permit, GO ONLINE to process.

17.Pay $35 License Application Fee to the DOL.

18.Provide your Social Security # (or sign a declaration if you do not have a SSN).

19.Have a photo taken at the DOL

20.Pay a $54 License Fee…good for 6 years ($9 x 6 years = $54)

21.Students earn the vertical Intermediate License and the hardcopy will be sent within a week.

If you have concerns or questions, text or call Ms. Mary Lynch, TSE Coordinator 360.540.7777



Mary Lynch

TSE Coordinator,
Burlington -Edison High School
301 North Burlington Blvd.
(360) 540.7777 Please text or not leave voice messages at B-EHS


Dan Costanti 360-724-3752 (h) 360-661-3769 ©

Dan Peterson 360-840-3619

Mary Lynch 360-856-1300 (h) 360-540-7777 © 360-855-3525 work/Big Lake Elem. (Please do not call during regular school hours unless an emergency) Best contact is to TEXT 360.540.7777

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Contact Us

TSE Coordinator,
Burlington -Edison High School
301 North Burlington Blvd.

(360) 540-7777
Please text or not leave voice messages at B-EHS

Department of Licensing Knowledge Test

During the 2016-17 school year, the DOL will be given the first TUESDAY of every month, except April and July, due to Spring Break and the Fourth of July Holiday. In these two months, the DOL test will be offered the second week in April and July.

Testing is in Room 520...$20 for retests...bring a check ("B-EHS TSE") or exact cash...bring your permit...come 10 minutes early

Testing starts promptly at 6:00 PM. Those showing up later than 6:00 PM, will NOT be able to test.

Call Mary Lynch, 360.540.777 with questions or concerns.


The DOL knowledge/written test is administered to qualifying students at the end of each TSE class session, on campus, in the Spanish/TSE room #520.

If a student is in need of a temporary use of a DOL Manual, i.e. to study for an upcoming test, several are ready for student check-out from the B-EHS Library.

When the test is given at the end of a TSE class session, it is administered by the classroom teacher, usually on the last day of class, duing the regularly schduled classtime, be it before school, after school, or in the evening. Students must have 100% of the classroom sucessfully completed in order to take the test.

The price of ONE written test is included in the TSE course fee. Any subsequent DOL written test will incure a $20 additional fee. The test consists of 40 multiple choice least 32/40 must be correct for 80%. Once passed, the test administrator will enter the results of the test into the DOL Portal.

The DOL Knowledge Test changed to a 40 question format beginning August 15, 2016.

For students wishing to take a retest, see Lisa Drye in the Athletic/Activities Office to get a parent authorization form in order to take the DOL written test.

It is recommended that students study the DOL Manual thoroughly prior to taking the written test. Students may wish to go online to practice for the DOL Knowledge/Written exam. Two free websites are and These two sites offer hundreds of questions and answers. Most questions are based on the 2014 Driver Guide from the Washington Department of Licensing. They cover most topics, including the rules of the road and road signs.

Students who are at least 15 and one-half, and wanting to get the intermediate permit, but not wishing to take a Traffic Safety Education class at this time, may take the DOL written test. See Lisa Drye in the Athletic/Activities Office to get a parent authorization form in order to take the DOL written test.

The DOL knowledge/written test is given the first Tuesday of every month throughout the entire year. The test begins at 6:00 PM promptly. Students arriving after 6:00 PM WILL NOT be able to take test. Arrival to room #520 by 5:45-5:50 PM is strongly recommended.

Students must bring their permit to the test for ID purposes and proof of permit. Also bring a pencil with eraser. No test.

Cell phones must be turned OFF and stored in one location designated by the test administrator. Any bags or materials will be placed at the back of the room.

Students doing a retake, must bring a receipt, or $20 cash, or a check made out to "B-EHS TSE."

The test is NOT a timed test. Students usually finish the test in 30-45 minutes. Once all students have completed the test, the test results are given to each student individually.

Students who passed the written test, will leave with a sheet explaining the next steps to take in order to schedule the DOL driving skills test.

Students who DID NOT PASS the written test, will leave with a sheet explaining the next steps to take in order to schedule a DOL written retest.

The following dates are when the DOL Written/Knowledge test will be given at 6:00 PM in room #520 during the 2015-16 School Year:

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tuesday, December 6,2016

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tuesday, April 11, 2017 (no first Tuesday...April 4 testing during spring break)

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tuesday, July 11, 2017 (no first Tuesday...July 4

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

There may be special, emergency situations where testing will be done by appointment. In that case, text Ms. Mary Lynch at 360.540.7777.

The steps remaining to gain the WA State Intermediate License may include:

  • Paying any no-show fines, lost or damaged TSE book, etc.
  • Complete all 7 behind-the-wheel drives with the driving instructor
  • Complete TSE driving test #9...the memorized test route through Burlington & I-5...requires 80% minimum score
  • Complete the DOL written test
  • Complete the DOL driving skills test
  • Turn 16 years of age
  • Have your permit for at least 6 months
  • Accumulate & log 50 hours of driving practice
  • If your picture is not on your permit, visit any DOL Office, making sure to bring proof of ID
  • If your picture is on your permit, you may intermediate license application process can all be completed on line
  • Pay $35 License Application Fee to the DOL
  • Pass a vision screening test
  • have your photo taken, if you do not have a photo on your permit
  • Pay a $54 License Fee, which is good for 6 years ($9 per year x 6 years)

Text this number if you have concerns or questions about the DOL written test.

File Cabinet

Useful Links

Insurance Guide to Teen Driving in Washington

  • Crashes, Car Insurance and Beyond: The High Toll of Distracted Driving

  • Teens and Car Insurance: A Guide for New Drivers and Their Parents

  • Practice DOL Knowledge/Written Exam (Site #2)

  • The Parent's (& Student's) Supervised Driving Program/WA DOL & State Farm

  • Practice DOL Knowledge/Written Exam (Site #1)

  • Child, Auto, and Road Safety...with a British slant

  • Pedestrian Safety...Great for Auto Drivers to Know

  • Auto Purchase, Auto Insurance; Driving Skills; Safety with a European Slant

  • Andy Pilgrim...British Racer...PLEASE READ/ PARENT DRIVING ZONE

  • Parents Are the Key to Safe Teen Drivers

  • Protecting Yourself from Road Rage

  • Drive Right Textbook

    Use web code cyk-9999 for use with your TSE class textbook
  • DOL Teen Website

    Washington Department of Licensing: Teen Drivers Information
  • Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC)

    Car crashes are the leading cause of death and serious injury for Washington teens.
  • Focus Driven Cell Phone

    Safe driving pledge; no phone zone
  • Teen Driver Source/ Parent & Passenger Education

    Teen/ Parent resources; passenger education
  • Operation Life Saver/ Reducing R/R Collisions

    Railway stats; safety tips; videos
  • AAA...Safe Teen Driving

    Guide to teen driving safety; Keys2DRIVE
  • Insurance Institute for Highway Safety/ Vehicle Ratings & Stats

    Research; vehicle ratings; statistics
  • Allstate Insurance/Safe Driving Tips for Parents & Teens

    Help teens become safe drivers; parent/teen contracts
  • Progressive Insurance/ Teen Driving & Risk Factors

    Teen driving and risk factors
  • I Promise Program/ Teen Safe Driving Contract

    Teen Safe Driving Contract
  • National Safety Council/ Defensive, Distracted & Teen Driving

    Defensive driving; distracted driving; teen driving
  • AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety/ Distracted, Drowsy & Aggessive Driving

    Distracted, drowsy, and aggressive driving
  • DOL Approved Knowledge/ Written Test
    The DOL Knowledge Test is administered by the classroom instructor at the end of each TSE course session, after successful completion of the 30-hour class. Students not currently enrolled in a class can take the written test on the first (1st) Tuesday of every month during the regular school year at 6:00 PM. The test is also given the first Tuesday during the summer months.
    Sign-up with Lisa Drye in the Athletic/ Activities Office. The written test may be available by appointment.
    Call or text Mary Lynch at 360.540.7777

    DOL Approved Skill (Drive) Test
    - By Appointment Only -
    TSE students who have successfully completed the TSE Course and the DOL Written Test, may
    schedule the DOL Skill (drive) Test by texting/ calling Mary Lynch at 360-540-7777 after school hours. Once the student & Ms. Lynch have scheduled a test time, the student must send a photo copy of his/her WA State Permit to Ms. Lynch to verify DOL Portal/TSE completion. This DOL driving skills test is administered by a qualified, B-EHS TSE staff member. A B-EHS Honda TSE vehicle will be used during the DOL driving skills test.

    The $425 enrollment fee includes one DOL knowledge test and one DOL driving skills test administered by B-EHS Staff

    A second or subsequent DOL written test requires a fee of $20 paid to Lisa Drye in the Athletic/ Activities Office

    A second or subsequent DOL driving test requires a fee of $30 paid to Lisa Drye in the Athletic/ Activities Office

    Accepted payment methods are by cash, by money order, or by a check payable to "B-EHS TSE."

    The Department of Licensing reserves the right to conduct random knowledge and driving skills test re-examinations; applicants refusing to take the re-examination may have their license revoked.


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