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The Board of Directors has approved First Reading of the following board polices at their regular meeting on October 22, 2018. If you would like to provide input regarding the new board policy, please complete the comment form and return to Jeff Drayer, Assistant Superintendent, at the District Office. You can e-mail the form to or mail the form to the District Office. The Board of Directors will consider Second Reading (formally approval) at their November 26, 2018, regular meeting.

Policy 2190 – Highly Capable Program is amended to comply with the new legislation and reflect the fact that school district practices for identifying highly capable students must prioritize equitable identification of low-income students.

Policy 2336 is amended to include the new state requirement that social studies teachers must coordinate a voter registration event in social studies classes.

Policy 3122 and – Excused and Unexcused Absences is amended to reflect the revisions to WAC 392-401-020 and for more explicit alignment with the RCW.28A.225.

Professional nursing standards are often embedded in guidelines, bulletins, and memos, from the OSPI, WIAA, and other agencies or groups, such as task forces established by our Legislature. The "standard of care" established by these nursing standards and other professional guidelines is a key component of the legal framework for school nursing. WSSDA has revised the policies related to health care to add clarity, specificity, and correctly use the specialized terms. For example, instead of using a generic term like "health specialist," which did not adequately express the professional license necessary to perform specific actions, we used more precise references like "Licensed Healthcare Provider" or "Registered Nurse." Other revisions included moving information from a policy to the procedure, or vice versa, to ensure that both policy and procedure played their best role. Please note that these revisions are not substantive but merely meant for clarification. The policies and procedures listed below related to student health care are amended as noted.

3410 – Student Heath

3412 – Automated External Defibrillators (renumbered from 3435)

3414 – Infectious Diseases

3413 – Student Immunizations

3416 – Medicine at School

3420 – Anaphylaxis Prevention and Response

Policy 6220 – Bid Requirements is revised to be inclusive of both bid and proposal processes. Additionally, the revised policy reflects that the Office of Federal Financial Management has raised the threshold for micro-purchases under federal financial assistance awards to $10,000, and raised the threshold for simplified acquisitions to $250,000 for all recipients.

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B-EHS Drama Presents: You Can't Take It With You

Burlington-Edison High School Drama Program Presents...

You Can't Take It With You

The Tony Award Winning Comedy

Written by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman

Courtesy of Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

Guest Director: B-EHS Graduate and WWU Senior McKenzie (Livingston) Sharpe

Seven Performances:

November 15, 16, 17, 29, 30 & Dec. 1 at 7:00pm

Matinee November 17 at 2:00pm

All Performances are located at the B-EHS Performing Arts Center.

Ticket Prices

Adults: $9

B-ESD Staff/Students/Seniors/Military: $6

Family of Four: $29

Festival Seating: Tickets available only at B-EHS PAC Doors - 30 minutes before showtime.

"Grandpa Vanderhof and his wacky family, the Sycamores, have been happily living their zany lives in his house by Columbia University in New York for many years. This family (and their friends) are a madcap group of eccentrics, marching to the beat of their own drum, with pride and joy. Their hobbies include collecting snakes, building fireworks in the basement, writing a myriad of plays that never get published, and taking ballet lessons. Things like stress, jobs, and paying taxes to the government are for other people, not for them! But when practical young Alice Sycamore becomes engaged to her company's Vice President Tony Kirby, the Vanderhof/Sycamore clan must straighten up to meet the new in-laws. Disaster ensues when the Kirbys arrive at the wrong time and, despite the best laid plans, see Alice's family in all of its crazy glory. The evening ends with everyone in the house getting arrested, and Alice ending the engagement. It isn't until Grandpa's wise speech to Mr. Kirby about the importance of living life to the fullest that the two families find a way to accept each other, and love conquers all. You Can't Take It With You is a madcap, idealistic comedy that reinforces the idea that you can only live life to the fullest by doing whatever makes you happy."

Synopsis Courtesy:

You Can't Take It With You PosterPoster Design by B-EHS Junior - Carlos Roques

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