• Must have 2/3 favorable vote of the committee made up of past and current coaches.
  • Eligible 5 years after the year of graduation.
  • Athletes can be exempt from criteria due to special circumstances as deemed by coaching staff and ASB.
  • These are minimal requirements to be considered for Hall of Fame Induction. Athletes who excelled in multiple sports, and achieved All-League Status Multiple times will receive the highest consideration.
  • Meeting the minimum criteria does not automatically guarantee induction into the Hall of Fame.

Individual - Must meet a minimum of 2 of the criteria:

  1. Must have won League, District, or State, or were part of a team that did.
  2. Hold a school record.
  3. Went on to play at a community college, 4 year university, or received a pro contract.
  4. Place in the top 8 of a State Tournament.
  5. Student honored on 1st Team All league or higher.
  6. Lead a major statistical category in league or state.
  7. Notable contribution to athletics after high school.
  8. Notable Athletic achievement after high school.


  1. Must have at least 20 total seasons of coaching at B-E
  2. 60% winning percentage
  3. Team to state
  4. Multiple League titles
  5. Multiple County titles
  6. Notable Contribution to the sport
  7. Awards won, other hall of fames.