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Booster Club FAQ


Booster clubs are independent organizations designed to support, encourage and advance extra-­‐curricular programming. The purpose of this brochure is to address specific issues and answer frequently asked questions regarding the role and relationship of booster organizations with schools.

Who can be a member of a booster club?

Booster clubs are comprised of parents, businesses and community members who

support a school activity or a team.

What is the purpose of a booster club?

The purpose of a booster club is:

• To promote the education, general welfare and morale of students, and

• To assist in financing the legitimate extra-­‐curricular activities of the student body in order to augment, but not conflict with, the educational programs provided by Burlington-Edison School District.

Booster clubs may exist to support various school clubs and organizations including band, drama and individual sport programs (i.e. football, volleyball, softball, etc.). Booster clubs are organized to help promote, support and improve the extra-­‐ curricular activities at schools.

What is the role of the principal when dealing with booster clubs?

The principal or designee has the final authority on the existence of and all activities of a booster club. School principals or designee reserve the right to recognize and sanction a booster club’s involvement in school extra-­‐curricular activities including fundraising. Only the school principal or designee may allow the booster club to incorporate the school’s name. The principal or designee must approve all publications that booster clubs send to parents and/or the community.

What is the role of the faculty advisor/coach on the booster club?

A representative from the school’s athletic department should attend all booster club meetings as the school’s liaison. The purpose of the school liaison is to foster a positive working relationship between the school and the booster club. The school liaison is to communicate to the booster club the needs of the team or activity. The faculty advisor is not a member of the booster club and may not serve as an officer of the organization.

How does a booster club get an activity or fundraiser approved?

The principal or designee of the school has the overall responsibility for approving fundraising activities. All booster club activities and fundraisers are first to be approved by the faculty advisor/coach and the school’s athletic director.

Can a booster club use the school’s sales tax exemption number?


Can a booster club order merchandise in the name of the school?

No. The booster club must order the merchandise in its own name as it is responsible for the payment of the merchandise. Ordering merchandise in the name of the school implies liability for the expense will be assigned to the school in case the booster club does not pay for the merchandise.

Can a booster club directly pay for field trip and/or travel expenses?

No. All field trip expenses must be paid through the school’s budget system. The booster club is permitted to donate funds, accompanied by a donation letter, to the school to be used for field trip expenses.

Can a booster club directly pay for end of the year season award banquet?


Can a booster club charge parents and/or interested adults in the community membership dues?

Yes. The booster club by-­‐laws on file must reflect that dues will be assessed of all members and indicate the amount of the dues in order for membership dues to be required.

Can a booster club charge students fees as a condition for membership (i.e. pay to play) or participation in a school sponsored extra-­curricular activity or athletic team?

No. The imposing of charges/fees to students/parents by school-­‐allied organizations for equipment, team uniforms, musical instruments or other items or supplies that are required to be used by the student in order to participate in a school activity (i.e. sports teams, cheerleading, etc.) is expressly prohibited.

Can a booster club require that a student or parent participate in a booster club fundraiser as a condition for membership or participation in a school organization or team?

No. Having a booster club require fees or fundraiser participation from students is not an acceptable practice. Athletic booster clubs are prohibited from establishing rules that require parents as a pre-­‐condition of a student’s athletic participation on a school district sanctioned team. The booster club shall not charge student fees as a condition for membership on a school/district sanctioned team.

Can a booster club make a financial gift to a school?

Booster clubs may elect to make gifts or donations to the school. The donation/gift should be accompanied with a letter of purpose from the booster club. The letter should reflect the specific purpose the donation/gift is intended for. A booster club may make undesignated gifts to benefit students in a specific activity (i.e. undesignated gift for football).

Can a booster club purchase equipment for the benefit of the school?

No. The school is responsible for the purchasing of all equipment associated with the specific athletic activity. This procedure ensures that the products purchased meet Washington Interscholastic Activities Association, National High School Federation and school system standards. Further, School Board purchasing ensures quality control as well as protection during warranty periods. The school may also obtain the best pricing from authorized vendors through district’s catalog purchasing system. The booster club should direct funds to the school, accompanied with a letter detailing the purpose of the gift. The school is eligible to purchase all equipment tax exempt.

May booster clubs pay for pre-­game meals?


Can booster clubs pay directly to coaches supplements?

An area of concern is the payment of supplemental positions needing school board approval through the WIAA Rules. Rules require school board approval for any coach/advisor working for the Burlington-Edison programs who would receive more than $500 for a booster program. The activity is strictly prohibited and is in violation of School Board rules and regulations regarding the payment of school personnel. Booster clubs are not authorized to directly compensate school personnel (School Board employees or non-­‐School Board employees). There is no prohibition for a booster club donating funds to the school for the specific purpose of hiring and paying the supplemental stipend for a coach. Although funds may be donated, regular district hiring procedures must be followed.