Whitley - Fifth Grade

Welcome to the 6th grade.

Your courses are as follows


Students will be taught strategies used by strong readers in the areas of comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary acquisition. Students are also expected to complete monthly book projects on various genres. Mrs. Baldie will teach reading to all three classes this year.


Sixth grade writing instruction includes using the 6 Traits of Writing taught through various genres such as persuasive, descriptive, creative, etc. The district’s Write Source writing curriculum and district assessments will be used.


The Harcourt curriculum includes a spelling component that will be used that includes a spelling pattern each week and a weekly spelling test. Each student will have an individualized spelling list every week that matches their spelling needs.


Students will continue computational work, along with problem solving, fractions, decimals, geometry, percentage, probability, and algebra by using the “Connected Mathematics” district curriculum. Mr. Whitley will teach math tthis year.

Social Studies

Using the Harcourt Horizons textbooks, students will study world regions. Units of study integrating reading, vocabulary, guided outlines, chapter tests and/or special projects.


Using the district FOSS Science Curriculum
students will engage in three units over the course of the year: Models and Designs,
Mixtures and Solutions, and Earth History. Students will be engaged in hands–on investigations during each unit of study. Mrs. Smith will teach Science to all three classes.


Sixth graders have a variety of opportunities to explore and participate in vocal and instrumental music. In addition to two periods of music, students may also participate in band before school two mornings a week..

Students are to participate in two periods of PE weekly. Appropriate clothing (sneakers, shorts/pants, etc.) is required for PE. Like last year, Health will be taught by the classroom teachers.

Sixth grade students will continue to have a weekly library period where they will explore a variety of genres.

In-class opportunities using a variety of art mediums will be integrated into content areas throughout the year.

Field Trips
We attend a few field trips throughout the year.

Sixth Grade Suggested Supply List
  • College-ruled paper ** (at least 2 reams to start)

Pencils** (if mechanical, bring plenty of lead)

Erasers (pencil toppers)

Three-ring binder

Tab-index dividers (6 tabs)

Manual pencil sharpener (must have holder for shavings)

2 Black Sharpie pens: one ultra thin, one regular


Colored pencils

2 Ballpoint pens (red or blue)


2 Large glue sticks

Pencil pouch/box



Ruler labeled labeled with both metric & standard

Pocket dictionary (thesaurus recommended too)

Large box of tissues for class

A flashdrive


A positive outlook,

strong work habits,

a respectful attitude,

and a desire to learn and have fun!!!

(P.S. Please put your name on ALL supplies.)
**= Often these supplies do not last all year, please replenish as needed throughout the year.

Meet The Teacher

Ms. Whitley teaches sixth grade at Allen Elementary School. Shes been teaching for seven years - six at Allen and one at LU. The subjects that she is teaching are: math, social studies, science and writing.

Ms. Whitley graduated at Western Washington University after four years of education. Her favorite children's books are "The Twits", "James and The Giant Peach" and "The Invention of Hugo Cabret". Her favorite animals are pugs, and her e- mail is : BWhitley@BE.WedNet.EDU .