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Sullivan - Fifth Grade

FYI - For Your Information, from Mrs. Sullivan's 5th grade
1. Homework - Homework in Mrs. Sullivan's 5th grade consists of the same thing every Monday - Thursday:
* Independent Math - one packet of computation, handed out on Mondays, corrected in class and turned in on Friday.
* Independent Reading - 30 minutes each school night, with a form filled out and turned into Mr. Brown on Friday.
* Spelling - students will complete their choice of two: spelling packet, wordsearch, and/or illustrated sentences. Spelling is handed out on Mondays, due on Fridays.
These assignments are designed to be completed with little or no assistance; the goal is simply to establish and practice strong study and responsibility habits. Total time spent on homework should not exceed 30-40 minutes per night.
2. Assignment due dates - Except for long-term assignments, all assignments will be due on Fridays. If not turned in, the grade for that assignment will be an F and may not be turned in late, EXCEPT for long-term assignments that we complete during Writing. If a student doesn't turn in a writing assignment on Friday, he/she will stay in each recess of the following week until the assignment is completed.
Each Friday, a list goes up on the board of students who have incomplete assignments. Anyone with their name on the board will have the opportunity to finish assignments during "Catch-Up Time" during Friday afternoon recess. Students who have all assignments finished will receive 15-20 minutes of bonus recess on Friday afternoon.
3. Weekly Progress Reports - Each Monday, a Weekly Progress Report will come home to show if any assignments from Mrs. Sullivan's class were incomplete or not turned in on time. These progress reports are sent home for every student even if all all assignments were completed, but these MUST BE SIGNED AND RETURNED if any assignments were not turned in.
4. Online Progress Reports - students and parents may also access grades on the district's website.
5. Illness - Please keep your child home if sick. Students are excused from daily work while ill. I will take time to explain new concepts on anything that was missed upon their return to school. Students are not expected to make up any work that was missed, unless it is a long continuing project that we are working on, and are still working on when he/she comes back.
6. Vacations - Students on vacation are excused from daily work. They will be required to complete a daily journal of events, along with pictures and/or drawings to document the vacation. Students will be expected to share a few pages from the journal with the class upon returning.
7. Grading Scale -
90-100% A
80-89% B
70-79% C
50-69% D
Less than 49% F
Any student receiving less than C grades is most likely not completing assignments. Parents will be contacted should their child fall into this bracket.
I believe that most problems be prevented with communication so please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to getting to know you and your 5th grader.
Mrs. Sullivan