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 G.L.A.D. Training for Allen Teachers

Allen School is blessed with a diverse student population.  As a person new to this community in the last year and a half, I have loved getting to know our students and community and the many strengths our students bring to the school.  The majority of our students come from families where English is not the first language of the home and nearly 40% of our students do not have mastery of the English language.  Most of our teachers were trained at universities where they did not focus on non-English speaking students.  We are about to begin providing special training for all teachers at Allen beginning next week.  Project GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design) shows teachers how to best teach new language skills along with reading and writing in English.  The Burlington-Edison School District currently offers the 6-day GLAD training during the summers as an option for teachers.  At Allen School, we believe that this learning approach is so important that we are requiring it and providing it for every teacher at Allen over the next year.  On Thursday, February 27, and the entire week of March 3-7, all 5th through 8th grade teachers will be participating in formal GLAD training.  In order to provide this training, we will have qualified substitute teachers in every 5th-8th grade classroom during these six days.  Although we recognize that even the best substitute teachers are not the same as your regular classroom teachers, we believe that a GLAD-trained staff will better meet the needs of Allen students over time.  Please support us during these days with high expectations for academics and behavior for your 5th-8th grade students on these days.  For more information about Project GLAD, see, or contact me at school.

Dr. Steven Finch 

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