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The school board policies for the Burlington-Edison School district can be reviewed through the links shown to the left or below . Each Board Policy Series has an table of contents to allow you to find the specific area you are interested.

1000 Series - Organization

2000 Series - Instruction

3000 Series - Students

4000 Series - Community Relations

5000 Series - Personnel

6000 Series - Management Support

Please contact the District Office with any questions at (360) 757-3311 or email Jeff Drayer

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The Board of Directors has approved First Reading of the following board polices at their regular meeting on September 25, 2017. If you would like to provide input regarding the new board policy, please complete the comment form and return to Jeff Drayer, Assistant Superintendent, at the District Office. You can e-mail the form to or mail the form to the District Office. The Board of Directors will consider Second Reading (formally approval) at their October 23, 2017, regular meeting.

Policy 3122, Excused and Unexcused Absences, has been updated to reflect 2SHB 1170, which builds upon the shift in truancy law that our Legislature began in the 2016 legislative session. 2SHB 1170 further shifts the response to truancy away from triggering a status offense with inherent court-ordered repercussions, to responding to truancy with evidenced-based therapeutic interventions to address home or personal problems identified as the root causes of truancy. The changes are aimed at keeping students who struggle with attendance out of the courts and in school.

Policy 3416, Medication at School, has been amended due to the passage of the Student Sun Safety Education Act (SSB 5404) during the 2017 legislative session. This legislation, which went into effect immediately upon the governor's signing on May 4, 2017, makes an exception related to sunscreen products.

Policy 3432, Emergencies, is updated to reflect SHB 1279. SHB 1279 revises the list of nine safety-related drills that schools must conduct per year by specifying that schools teach three basic functional drills: shelter-in-place, lockdown, and evacuation. Additionally, the bill defines the three basic drills, thereby resolving previous confusion.

Policy 5005, Employment: Disclosures, Certification Requirements, Assurances and Approval, has been retitled and updated in compliance with ESB 1654, which amended RCWs 28A.660.020 and 28A.660.035, and repealed RCW 28A.660.040. The update of the policy pertains to background checks for all staff and volunteers who have regularly scheduled unsupervised access to students, certification requirements of certificated staff, and procedure for reemployment of classified staff.

Policy 6220, has been updated to comply with SS B 5301, Responsible Bidder Criteria— Wage Laws Compliance, which amends RCWs 39.04.350 and 39.26.160. The law amends bidder criteria and requires, among other things, that before award of a contract, the bidder shall submit a signed statement declaring that the bidder has not been cited with finality by the Department of Labor and Industries or through any civil judgment within the three-year period immediately preceding the date of the bid solicitation. It also requires the procuring agency to register the names of the bidders and the successful bidder with the Department of Enterprise Services. The law was introduced in the Senate to level the business playing field and avoid awarding contracts to those that willfully violate the law and children's and workers' rights.

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