Burlington Edison School District

Welcome to the Burlington-Edison FastTrack page
Burlington-Edison uses the FastTrack to allow us to more efficiently and effectively manage job applications.  If you are a first time user of FastTrack please download the instructions first.  Returning users can either click on the FastTrack link to the left or the FAQ if you have questions. 
Burlington-Edison Employees can access job openings by logging into Employee Access and clicking on the FastTrack tab. Information on Employee Access can be found HERE
To access Fast Track just click here  or on the link to the left.  Instructions for Applying online are HERE


What is FastTrack?

Below is a Q & A about this new system. Please refer to the more detailed F.A.Q. using the link to the left if you have more questions.




What does this mean for a new applicant?

Any new applicant will need to complete an application and application material electronically (through our website).

What does this mean for a current employee?

If a current employee is interested in a posted position, he/she will need to apply on-line via Fast Track.

How do I access Fast Track to apply?

You will need to log-on to Employee Access.

Do I have a username and password to Employee Access?

Yes – Every employee has a username and password. If you have forgotten your username and/or password, the Technology Department can provide that information to you.

When will it start?

Human Resources plans to “go-live” with Fast Track starting March 1, 2013.

Will there be training?

Yes – Human Resources will schedule voluntary opportunities for all staff members (classified and certificated) to be trained.

Will I still be able to send an e-mail to Human Resources saying I am interested in a posted position?

No – You will need to apply through Fast Track. Since, Fast Track is tied to WESPaC, your information (name, address, etc.) will be pulled into Fast Track.

Is this new system for ALL posted positions in the District?

Yes – Any posted position will be posted through Fast Track. Any interested employee must apply through the on-line system. This is also true for applicants who want to apply to be a substitute.

Does this change the “in-building” process for certificated staff members?

No – In building transfers are not posted by Human Resources; certificated staff members are communicated with (usually via e-mail) about an open position within their respective building.

Are other districts using this system?

Yes – Many districts use an on-line application system; many Skagit County school districts use Fast Track.

Why are we moving to this new system?

It is a more efficient means to track applicants and application materials.